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All kinds of stuff going on…

We were just a little quiet today over here, save for the “deluge” of information shared in the last hour or so. It would be a shame if you didn’t head on over to Timetable as well and check out Jason’s picks for the weekend, including a chance to support someone who’s supported us a lot at Bare Hands Gallery and Josh’s info on the restaurant that’s taking over the former Copeland’s space down there on 280.

Enjoy the ride! And we will have a little more information later on this evening.

Thank you, Birmingham!

We’ve been rather quiet today, perhaps being a little too retrospective for our own good. But I want to do three things right now…

1) Thank all of you who’ve read us for the past two years (I’ll drop a note to consider supporting us some other ways too).

2) Thank those who’ve written for us in the past as well as our current contributors: Bob Farley, Josh Self, Jason Donaldson, Gordon Bell and when available, Terri (Dann) Osborne.

3) Announce that while our anniversary is tomorrow, our anniversary happy hour will be on Thursday, March 26 at The Bottletree. We’ll have more info on Monday. We’ll have a couple of other announcements then as well.

4) Make sure you head on over to Timetable this afternoon and check out Jason’s picks (and add your own to them).

Got Plans? returns!

jasonpostFor the better part of two months I’ve been promising a return of our most popular column, Got Plans? When Christina signed off in October, we had a lot of folks wondering what we were going to do next. Some have even been going back and rereading old entries just to get their fix for the week. Enter Jason Donaldson (hint, he’s the guy to the left of all of this text).

Today Jason, The Terminal’s newest staff member, sets out to take Got Plans in a different direction and he’s looking for your suggestions as well. Allow Mr. Donaldson to introduce himself to you this morning, and reintroduce you to Got Plans.

UPDATE: The City Stages ’09 campaign is… you!

UPDATE #2: Remember that manifesto I talked about… we’ve got it! Scroll down and click on the link to read:

UPDATE: The reveal is definitely interesting:


The campaign is centered on us – Birmingham that is.

This year’s effort to make people aware of the festival as it comes of age involves sharing what City Stages means to those that attend it. Dan Monroe of Cayenne Creative explained the concept to a full WorkPlay Theatre this evening.

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A soundtrack for our Urban Fabric

Head on over to Timetable and you’ll notice that you’ve got not one, but two chances to be dancing at your desk today (if you’re at work that is) courtesy of Ken Webb’s new weekly series on Live 100.5 FM, Urban Fabric with Ken Webb.

We’re not only posting the playlists for the show each week, which airs Saturday nights from 10:30 p.m. – 1:30 a.m., but we’re also uploading the Heavyweight selection to Timetable each week. We’ll also be updating the lists to include links to the original songs (in case you’re interested in getting them yourself).

For those wondering about the show itself, check out this mid-January post. You can also follow Urban Fabric on Twitter and keep track of what’s going on with Ken via MySpace.

Speaking of switches…

Those of you that follow the r3vrb.com and bham.fm may begin to notice that both sites are loading a little slower than normal this afternoon. If you haven’t heard yet (or haven’t visited them before) allow us to elaborate.

The sites, maintained by former Timetable music writers Sam George and Whitney Sides respectively, have decided to join forces to become a new and improved bham.fm. The changeover is happening behind the scenes right now and will be celebrated with music and fun (how else?) at Speakeasy 1920 tomorrow evening. We’d tell you more, but it makes more sense to check out the announcement for yourselves.

We’ll have an update on Timetable come Monday morning.

Lights and tradition, and a little boost

Head on over to Timetable and you can check out Terri’s ideas for having fun one evening during the holiday season and Josh’s look at holiday celebrations at one of Birmingham’s historic West Side sites. Plus, you may be able to help the guys from Wild Sweet Orange get into heavy rotation on MTVu. Sounds like a reason to head on over, doesn’t it?

Of course, you could just share your favorite song of the holiday season with everyone over on Magic City Question … maybe…