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Is Uber preparing for an arrival in Birmingham?


Got Plans? returns!

jasonpostFor the better part of two months I’ve been promising a return of our most popular column, Got Plans? When Christina signed off in October, we had a lot of folks wondering what we were going to do next. Some have even been going back and rereading old entries just to get their fix for the week. Enter Jason Donaldson (hint, he’s the guy to the left of all of this text).

Today Jason, The Terminal’s newest staff member, sets out to take Got Plans in a different direction and he’s looking for your suggestions as well. Allow Mr. Donaldson to introduce himself to you this morning, and reintroduce you to Got Plans.

What’s IN?

This is a call to arms for Birmingham fans and those who want to show others what this city is all about. About the good things IN Birmingham.

So often we hear people being negative about our town. People who say, ‘there’s nothing to do in this town’ – clearly have not been paying attention or reading Christina‘s posts over on Timetable. But this is our chance to give a voice to the quieter majority who know there are great places to eat, drink, or just hangout in Birmingham.

Our convention and visitors bureau, along with other groups like the chamber of commerce, are collecting nominations for what YOU think are the best spots IN town. Your favorite IN spots. At the end of the nomination process (read: the end of JUNE!) we will make a book, a Zagat-style guide to Birmingham based on your input.

So click here to nominate your favorite spot. You don’t have much time left.

I’ll be hopping on The Terminal every Wednesday to showcase a different IN spot up until the book is out, so stay tuned!

Introducing r3vrb destinations

That’s right folks… Sam George is hopping on board this train and joining the gang over on Timetable. He currently writes a local music blog, r3vrb.com. Beginning today (actually about 30 minutes ago), you’ll find his reviews about our local music scene for the upcoming weekend  on our arts and culture section.

Check out his first installment of r3vrb destinations, let him know what you think and welcome him aboard.

OK, stop sitting over here, get reading