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New editor, website for Birmingham Weekly

Birmingham Weekly logoBirmingham Weekly has named a permanent replacement for former editor Glenny Brock, who left the paper earlier this year. Sam George is set to be formally introduced at the Weekly’s new managing editor next month; he posted this farewell to readers of bham.fm earlier today.

Media of Birmingham has an interview with Sam on their site. George most recently served as an editor and web designer for bham.fm. Some of you may also remember Sam as one of the original contributors to this website’s Timetable section.

His formal introduction in the print edition will coincide with a relaunch of the Weekly‘s website, possibly this Thursday. For those interested in a sneak peek, we’ve been able to secure a screenshot of the redesigned website.

Speaking of switches…

Those of you that follow the r3vrb.com and bham.fm may begin to notice that both sites are loading a little slower than normal this afternoon. If you haven’t heard yet (or haven’t visited them before) allow us to elaborate.

The sites, maintained by former Timetable music writers Sam George and Whitney Sides respectively, have decided to join forces to become a new and improved bham.fm. The changeover is happening behind the scenes right now and will be celebrated with music and fun (how else?) at Speakeasy 1920 tomorrow evening. We’d tell you more, but it makes more sense to check out the announcement for yourselves.

We’ll have an update on Timetable come Monday morning.

A little give and take this weekend…

This week, I’m keeping it simple. I’ve got 3 things to do — one each for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sure, it’s not all that there is to do this weekend. That’s what the comment box is for. I’ll share my plans with you over on Timetable, you share your plans with me. We all have fun.

Don’t forget to check out Sam’s musical picks as well.

Parks and music elsewhere on The Hub

We haven’t been completely silent on the site today…

Barry Copeland’s shared his second post with us (over on my Birmingham) about the park-nership taking place in Birmingham.

Over on Timetable, Sam’s ready to convince us to take a side trip to the Raindrop Festival as part of his music picks for the weekend

Hope you’ll take a moment and check both of them out!

Time to figure out what to do this weekend…

So I should just say that Sam’s picks are ready over on Timetable.

Well, they are.

As are Christina’s suggestions for weekend plans…

Her thoughts are over here.

We want answers (and to plug Sam’s column)

First of all, if you haven’t checked them out, Sam’s musical picks for the weekend are up over on Timetable.

Second, I was wondering, considering that our current Magic City Question is by far one of the most visited ones in the site’s short history, why don’t we have more responses? So I’m blatantly putting another link to it here to see if I can drum up some more responses before I share one tomorrow morning. Click on the link below to answer the question.

How can you be responsible for Birmingham’s reputation?

One more thing, we’re finally going to make an announcement tomorrow about changes for the coming year on the site. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing… (at least, we think so)

The weekend’s almost here…

…and we’re ready to help with at least a few of those suggestions. Christina and Sam are delivering a one, two punch of their own today. Christina’s up first with an extremely crowded “Got Plans?” although, if you haven’t already seen it this morning, you missed this morning’s tip.

Sam follows up with his column (available after 12:45 p.m. today over there) highlighting some options musically in Birmingham’s downtown and Southside areas.

You know, we’d like to cover some more sections of town (and some more genres). If you’re interested, drop us a line. It sounds harder than it is and it’s fun – plus we’re actually starting to get CDs to review (you can say you knew them when…).