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r3vrb destinations 4.17 – 4.19

04.17.2008 by sam · → 2 Comments

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This weekend isn’t nearly as star studded as the last one, but it’s no slouch. It starts off mellow, but by Saturday it’s getting ready to kick you in the teeth (in a good way).We’ve got to warm up to that, and we’ll do so with a few sing-writers. (I’m coining this shortening of singer/songwriter as of right…now!) Enough silliness. Music time:

Thursday 4/17    
Chad Robison @ Workplay
Admission: 8$   Go Time: 8:00 p.m.
Chad Robison   Local singer / songwriter Chad Robison and his band play driven melodramatic pop. It’s intricate and detailed stuff, but it soars baby, it soars. Just when you think you’re starting to get bored, a little twist will catch your attention back.
Friday 4/18    
Dan Wilson @ Workplay
Admission: 15$   Go Time: 8 p.m.
Dan Wilson   Though he is going to release his first solo album later this year (with the help of Rick Rubin), Dan Wilson already has a couple of Grammy’s under his belt. He wrote the hit song “Closing Time” for the band Semisonic, and was also a big part of the songwriting team for The Dixie Chicks critically acclaimed album “Taking the Long Way”. What’s nice about all this is that his music feels instantly familiar, though I haven’t heard it before.
Saturday 4/19    
Dexateens / Teen Getwaway @ The Nick
Admission: $7   Zero Hour: 10 p.m.
13 Ghosts   The Dexateens recently released a new album and they’re giving it away for FREE online! Go download you some of these rascals from Tuscaloosa, and then make it out to the show tonight, cause I’m sure they’ll be playing some of the new tracks. Life is good. Free is good.
Teen Getaway   As if the Dexateens show wasn’t enough, they’ve been paired with another of my favorite local bands. Teen Getaway have played with most of the great local acts, but they don’t play a ton of shows, so you should definitely make the most of this opportunity to catch them.
Honorable Mention:   Amplifest II @ Bottletree

Ready? Bring it.

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