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The Terminal: Ten Years Later

03.14.2017 by André Natta · No Comments

Vulcan in Railroad Park, 2015.

Some thoughts on the tenth anniversary of the launch of this website about Birmingham. Continue reading

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Changing the South means changing the attitude

06.15.2015 by André Natta · 0 Comments

Every once in a while you need someone to come where you are to remind you of how much things have changed, and how much potential there is for the future — especially when they’re the ones excited for your opportunities. Continue reading

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New questions about the UAB situation for a Monday afternoon

03.23.2015 by André Natta · 0 Comments

Much of the past few months have been spent looking at emotions while not necessarily asking necessary questions out loud. Here are a few that seem to be bugging Andre Natta; maybe you have some other questions that haven’t been asked yet too… Continue reading

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After all, it’s all about ethics

01.13.2015 by André Natta · 0 Comments

Before I get up to talk about the UAB athletics decision, I figured I’d cover all of the potential ethics/biases issues that could float to the top. I think you’ll be presently surprised — and I hope to share more later today about what I’ve discovered. Continue reading

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A lack of bedside manners and options presented at UAB

12.4.2014 by André Natta · 2 Comments

As students and members of the UAB community continue to voice concern about university president Ray Watts announcement, perhaps it’s time to start having a candid, open discussion about what can be done moving forward to attempt to bring football, bowling & rifle back. Continue reading

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Birmingham needs a lot of things, including choices

07.30.2014 by André Natta · 0 Comments

As much as many believe #BirminghamNeedsUber, Andre Natta argues what the Magic City needs more than anything else is choices — and some cheerleaders to move efforts forward. Continue reading

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Still dreaming big dreams for Birmingham in 2021

06.9.2014 by André Natta · 0 Comments

Birmingham, AL may have found a great way to lay the groundwork for a 150th birthday party like none other. It just involves inviting folks from all over the world to town for a few days of fun and games… Continue reading

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