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Why is the downtown Publix really a game-changer?

05.22.2014 by André Natta · No Comments

There are a lot of people focused on the proposed $30 million development anchored by Publix as a game-changer. Andre Natta agrees, though not necessarily for the reasons most are considering… Continue reading

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Regarding the City of Birmingham and Feeding the Homeless

04.2.2014 by Guest Contributor · 0 Comments

We’ve decided to post this press release penned by Church of the Reconciler’s senior pastor, Matt Lacey, regarding the City of Birmingham and feeding the homeless – specifically the city’s fairly new food truck ordinance and how it’s affecting those efforts. Continue reading

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For some, it's about a lot more than a "sign"

03.17.2014 by André Natta · 0 Comments

There’s been more name-calling and posturing during this Pepsi sign installation in downtown Birmingham, AL than there is during a classic WWE promo cut by The Rock. Unfortunately, it keeps folks from looking at the city as a whole instead of as its separate parts. Continue reading

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More numbers (and theories) to study with the Haney deal

02.18.2014 by André Natta · 7 Comments

We need to continue to look at the political implications of the proposed lease deal being considered by the city of Birmingham. That said, we need to look at the rest of the financial implications as well – and possibly ask our leaders to tell us the whole story. Continue reading

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An open letter to Al Roker

01.30.2014 by André Natta · 3 Comments

01272014 Area Forecast

I watched the start of the 9 a.m. segment of TODAY on January 30, 2014. After stewing about it for most of the day, I decided I’d write this. It’s not necessarily a case of not liking the conclusion – just the choice of words and how we don’t always know enough to sift through them. Continue reading

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Adding fuel to Birmingham's revival

10.7.2013 by André Natta · 3 Comments

Last week’s successful start to REVIVE Birmingham may make some wonder “what’s next?” The answer is staring most metro Birmingham area residents back from the mirror. Continue reading

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Harbert Realty & the Two North Twentieth Sign – A Brief History

07.25.2013 by André Natta · 0 Comments

A collection of excerpts from previous Design Review Committee recap columns over at Magic City Post help provide some context for Rebecca Dobrinski’s July 25 recap where the latest proposal was unveiled. Continue reading

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