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Published December 1, 2007

The Terminal exists to serve as Birmingham’s hub for conversation. We hope you’ll consider adding your voice to the conversation.

Anyone may comment on The Terminal or any of its associated sites by providing a valid email address and username.

Our hope is to encourage a respectful conversation about issues affecting Birmingham and the surrounding region. We hope that you don’t resort to name-calling, obscenities, insults and flaming of your fellow readers and commenters. Wisecracks within reason are encouraged.

We currently don’t allow you to post images in your comments. If for some reason you figure out a workaround, make sure that you have permission to post the image (a copyright would be nice). We’d also appreciate avoiding any illegal activities.

We do reserve the right to remove comments or content from the site without reason or prior warning.

Just because you’ve submitted a comment doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll approve it. If you violate any of the terms mentioned above or disrespect or disrupt the activities of the site or other users, we are within our rights to prevent you from further access to the site.

We hope that laying these ground rules out doesn’t keep you from spreading the word about Birmingham’s website of record. Keep getting more folks to visit. Maybe one day we can hold a big old party!

You can review our privacy policy over here. We just thought you’d like to know…

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