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So, what are we?

The Terminal is a web publication that focuses on Birmingham, Alabama and the surrounding region that launched in March 2007. We get our name and identity from the old Birmingham Terminal Station . In its heyday the station was arguably one of the major social hubs for Birmingham while serving as a link to the outside world and information.

This site serves as a source of information for and about Birmingham, Alabama and provides a link into the world of the Magic City not just for those currently living in the region, but for those that have moved elsewhere or those considering relocating here. The Terminal hopes to make you think more about issues that are affecting the region and know more about what’s going on.

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Our sections


This serves as our main blog on the site. We’ll be posting links to other blogs and mainstream media sources to keep visitors abreast of items they may be interested in. We will also be making visitors to the site aware of articles or projects of interest elsewhere on The Terminal as it expands.


This section features columns about what’s going on in the region in terms of arts and culture. We try our best to cover music, art, theater and anything else that you’d probably think of when you think of answering the question “What are we going to do?” We’re always looking for folks to write those movie reviews, music reviews, as well as articles about upcoming exhibits and major cultural events and activities.

Anyone interested in submitting story ideas, calendar entries and/or writing for this section should contact us at timetable@bhamterminal.com .

My Birmingham (editorials)

While currently leaving comments on for our regular posts allows for people to editorialize to their hearts content, we do have a separate editorial blog on the site, allowing people to have a voice for all of the digital world to see. First and foremost… it MUST concern something in the metro Birmingham area. We’re fans of national issues as well, however, this IS a site about Birmingham. If you could keep your pieces to approximately 750-1,000 words, we’d really appreciate it.

Submit your “letters” to publisher/managing editor André Natta at andre@bhamterminal.com.

Magic City Question

As the name suggests, this blog lists questions from us (and you) to our readers. We try to make it relevant, but sometimes making it fun is much more interesting…

Any suggestions for the question? Send it to info@bhamterminal.com

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