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Thanks for your interest in wanting to add your voice to Birmingham’s hub! The Terminal strives to be a source of information and conversation sparking in Birmingham, Alabama and its metropolitan area. We know that due to the nature of what and how we publish we need to have some parameters, so here they are:

Guiding Principles

Newsstand and Timetable

My Birmingham

Guiding Principles

We figured you’d be interested in knowing what we stand for:

  • The Terminal shall preserve at all times the highest levels of integrity & independence.
  • Errors of fact will be posted as prominently as the original item, with update clearly posted on original as well.
  • The Terminal shall not allow politics or private companies to influence stories.

Newsstand & Timetable

We limit our coverage to Birmingham, Alabama and the cities immediately adjacent to it (unless it’s somehow related to something that will or has happened in The Magic City. If you’re a metro area native or someone who’s moved here and loves it and you’re interested in providing content for The Terminal, we ask that you submit a writing sample/photograph/podcast (or two) or links to your personal blog to our publisher/managing editor/resident gopher André Natta for consideration.

One thing to keep in mind – the average post should be less than 250 words. If you’re doing an interview or going off on a my Birmingham rant, then of course it will be longer.

Anyone interested in submitting story ideas, calendar entries and/or writing for Timetable should contact us at

We also accept photo essays for either of these sections soon. We will be publishing guidelines for photo submissions in the near future.

NOTE: We ask all contributors to apply for a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. We just feel it’s the right thing to do.

My Birmingham (editorials)

Please keep your pieces to approximately 750 words, we’d really appreciate it.

We’re going to ask that those that would like to submit editorials for publication please submit their name and e-mail address. If we cannot validate the address, we will not publish the editorial. Most important of all, posts allowed in this section that are considered slander or constituting libel WILL NOT BE ALLOWED! That goes for the entire site actually, but we felt like stressing it here 🙂 

Submit your “letters” to managing editor André Natta at

Compensation for submissions

At this time, The Terminal is not able to pay writers for their stories. We hope to be able to do so eventually. In the meantime writers will be provided with a link from the site’s staff page to their personal blog if it is available. The link to the sites will not necessarily constitute an endorsement from The Terminal. We may also be able to provide a perk or two from time to time (though we can’t guarantee that).

We reserve the right to edit any work. If time allows, we will share these edits with you and we may ask that you revise and resubmit your piece. It’s in both our and your best interest that we do this. We’d also ask you to run your story idea by us ahead of time and let us know when it’ll be ready (even though the infamous backend of the site also .

Thanks for your interest, and enjoy the ride!

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