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More things to think about regardless of the I-20/59 conclusion

07.25.2013 by André Natta · 7 Comments

After asking some questions about the project itself, it’s time to see just how any change to I-20/59 through downtown Birmingham will affect the use of the car – and, indirectly, influence how the city center continues to develop, Continue reading

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Fort Washington Way – a look at how one city actually handled their Interstate issue

07.23.2013 by André Natta · 0 Comments

Andre Natta’s driven through one an incredibly successful transportation project still underway in Cincinnati, OH. Taking a look at it leads to the need for several questions to be raised and clarification about what’s actually happening here in Birmingham, AL. Continue reading

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Believing leads to caring, Birmingham

07.22.2013 by André Natta · 4 Comments

Legion Field Lion. lensman20/Flickr

Semantics aside, it’s important for those who have faith in the future of the city of Birmingham and the metro area to be willing to demonstrate it to others. Continue reading

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Building on Birmingham's foodie scene

07.2.2013 by André Natta · 0 Comments

This piece was originally written three years ago, but it seems to make sense to republish here right now considering talk of future plans for Alabama Power’s steam plant are about to become more of a reality – and more relevant. Our idea? It’s time for a market to return to downtown Birmingham. Continue reading

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Remember MAPS?

06.21.2013 by André Natta · 0 Comments

Fifteen years later it’s interesting to look back at the MAPS initiative and see just how much of it’s accomplished or in process. Makes you believe in the perpetual promise of the city again, doesn’t it? Continue reading

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Did you know this ramp might go away?

04.26.2013 by André Natta · 5 Comments

The current proposed modifications for I-20/59 and 11th Avenue North on the edge of Birmingham’s city center have a much broader potential impact than just those living in the Northside communities. The city’s pocket book and the region’s momentum could lose a lot as well. Continue reading

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Looking at Birmingham through a mirror

04.16.2013 by André Natta · 0 Comments

Today Birmingham gets a chance to hold a mirror up to the rest of the world, and the world will hopefully return the favor in the process… Continue reading

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