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My favorite thing about this weeks picks is that I’ve discovered yet another local band that I was previously unaware of. This weekend is also jam-packed with big name tickets, some of which may be very difficult to come by. I’ve provided alternatives that are definitely worth checking out. Curious yet? Away we go:

Thursday 4/10    
The Strife Rifle @ The Nick
Admission: 7$   Go Time: 10:00 p.m.
The Strife Rifle   Here’s your chance to catch a great new band before they break. The Strife Rifle have Otis Redding listed as their first influence on myspace, and it’s no wonder once you get a taste of lead singer Paul Janeway’s soulful vocals. These smooth blues rockers are some of the best I’ve heard out of Birmingham, so make sure you all come out for it. Get there on time, because they’re opening for a bunch of other cats (who weren’t worth much of a mention).
Honorable Mention:   Sons of Roswell @ Cafe Firenze
Friday 4/11    
moe. @ Workplay
Admission: SOLD OUT   Go Time: 9 p.m.
moe.   I realize this show is sold out, but with a band of this caliber it’s possible that you’ll be able to find a ticket through Stubhub, Craigs List or a scalper. moe. are a legendary jam band who never fail to provide a killer live show. If you can scare up the tix, you’ll have a grand ol’ time, I garauntee. If you can’t, check out the honorable mention section for another great choice.

Honorable Mention:   Part Bear @ The Nick
Saturday 4/12    
13 Ghosts / Kate Taylor @ Bottletree
Admission: $8   Zero Hour: 9 p.m.
13 Ghosts   13 Ghosts just released their creepy new album The Strangest Colored Lights to critical acclaim, and local label Skybucket Records is celebrating it with a kick-off party here in their hometown. Always a good time live, I’m sure the fellas are gonna kick it up a level for the special occasion.
Kate Taylor   Kate Taylor is a label mate of 13 Ghosts, so it’s not surprising that she gets the nod. She plays pleasant and heartfelt acoustic numbers which should be a nice warm-up before 13 Ghosts takes the mood down a notch. I should point out that today’s honorable mention is Art Garfunkel, but he doesn’t get the full treatment because I believe in supporting the locals when they’re as good as these guys are. Do what you will.
Honorable Mention:   Art Garfunkel @ Alys Stephens Center

It’s time to get down. Now where are my party pants?

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