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Some Snow Day reading options

Thawing Out. acnatta/FlickrIt’s a fairly quiet day in The Magic City and the surrounding metro Birmingham area today due to yesterday’s winter storm. We’re hoping that most folks are resting comfortably at home.

If you can’t get to Rojo or Crestwood Coffee right now by foot (or you’re needing something to get your mind off how much time is left before the BCS championship game), we’d like to suggest a few blogs post for you to take a look at:

Erin Shaw Street recently interviewed her father as part of the current visit by StoryCorps to The Magic City. They’re here until January 29 & their reservations link is still active. She shares her thoughts about the experience on her personal blog; Maybe it’ll get you thinking about reserving a slot.

Shaun Chavis is one of the organizers of FoodBlogSouth, a foodie-centric blogging conference scheduled for next weekend (January 21 & 22). NOTE: I’m scheduled to facilitate a blogging 101 session that Saturday morning. Read her passionate account of why she felt the need to create this event – then go and register for it!

Finally, there aren’t many places that Jen West hasn’t been profiled recently (including this interview with Birmingham Bombshells’ Angela Karen for B-Metro. If you haven’t checked out her blog, The Jen West Quest , you’re missing out on an opportunity to be motivated to accomplish whatever you want. Back in November she was finally able to talk about her upcoming appearance on the Rachael Ray Show and what it meant to her.

These should help warm at least your heart on this fairly cold day in central Alabama. You could also step away from the computer (or add a few links of your own in the comments section below).

Photo: Thawing Out. acnatta/Flickr

Lights and tradition, and a little boost

Head on over to Timetable and you can check out Terri’s ideas for having fun one evening during the holiday season and Josh’s look at holiday celebrations at one of Birmingham’s historic West Side sites. Plus, you may be able to help the guys from Wild Sweet Orange get into heavy rotation on MTVu. Sounds like a reason to head on over, doesn’t it?

Of course, you could just share your favorite song of the holiday season with everyone over on Magic City Question … maybe…

Parks and music elsewhere on The Hub

We haven’t been completely silent on the site today…

Barry Copeland’s shared his second post with us (over on my Birmingham) about the park-nership taking place in Birmingham.

Over on Timetable, Sam’s ready to convince us to take a side trip to the Raindrop Festival as part of his music picks for the weekend

Hope you’ll take a moment and check both of them out!

Music and festivals on tap for the weekend

Sam and Christina have pretty much figured out how they’re spending the weekend. While we’re still about a couple of weeks away from the music festival season starting in Birmingham, they’ve figured out a good way to do both before hand. Sam’s got some musical picks starting tonight while Christina’s suggestions for activities start tomorrow. Check out their suggestions and then share your own

We haven’t been completely quiet this week…

…it’s just that most of the action’s been over on Timetable as we get ready to (finally) make some minor tweaks to the site. So just in case you’re wondering what’s been going on over there, here’s a taste:

Sam’s got his picks for the weekend.

Christina’s got some other ideas of the non-musical variety.

Trav’s giving us a heads up on a new bookstore opening.

Poke around and take a look.