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Random shots: Getting ready for tomorrow

easter Rob NeedhamMichael Needham, 4, admires his handiwork, viz. his freshly dyed Easter eggs, while others soak in their coffee mug vats.

For those looking for other ways to enjoy this relaxing Saturday in Birmingham, AL, you’ve still got time to get to Ensley for their 3rd annual Easter Parade and Gospel Concert. The parade starts at 12 p.m. and the concert begins shortly afterward.

Need some other idea (or have some you’d like to share)? Head on over to this week’s got plans post over on Timetable.

BTW, if you feel so compelled to share your photos from this weekend, send them into photos@bhamterminal.com.

Photo: Rob Needham. Email submission to bhamterminal.

You planned your weekend yet?

Well if you haven’t, Jason’s got info on everything from music to chili with a little ballet in between (we’re of course assuming that you’ve already gotten over to Timetable to take a look). If not, this week’s Got Plans 2.0 starts… RIGHT NOW!

And she’s back!

I’m back. After leaving last week’s “Got Plans?” column in the capable hands of guest columnist Carla Jean Whitley, Christina’s back from the beach and once again ready to offer you the best in weekend entertainment. She’s got three things she wishes she could do, two events that do good and, of course, one festival. Head on over on Timetable to find out what they are.

A “Got plans?” primer for the 4th

Sorry guys and gals. I just spent some time adding items to the Terminal calendar, something I need to do more often (Hint, hint: Submit your events, your friends’ events, even stuff you hear about and I’ll do my best to get the info up somewhat quicker than slower). And I had this nagging feeling that I’d forgotten to do something. And then it hit me, I needed to take out the trash. Then I remembered the mayor gave everyone the day off. But not me. I won’t take the day off from telling you about this weekend; read on.

But there are plans for the weekend…

This is where we’d run the really cool lede for Christina’s weekend plans column. However, if we did that this week, the column just wouldn’t make any sense if you forwarded it on to your friends (and you are doing that aren’t you?)

Anyway, check it out over on Timetable and you’ll figure out why the Big Guy atop Red Mountain, Harry Potter and jazz can be mentioned in the same breath this week…

It’s not like we’ll melt this weekend…

Looks like we may get some weather this weekend. Well, I won’t melt, and I’m guessing you won’t either so head on over to Timetable for my suggestions, rain or shine.

Time to figure out what to do this weekend…

So I should just say that Sam’s picks are ready over on Timetable.

Well, they are.

As are Christina’s suggestions for weekend plans…

Her thoughts are over here.