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Random shots: Linn Park’s a construction zone

"Fireball" under construction in Linn Park 

Photo: acnatta/Flickr.

Alabama sculptor Christopher Fennell is the installation artist for  for this weekend’s ONB Magic City Art Connection in downtown Birmingham. Here you see the artist as he works on completing his piece, called “Artist’s Fire”, in Linn Park in time for the start of the annual arts festival on Friday.

Check out Josh’s head’s up on an online contest for tickets to the festival’s Corks & Chefs component over on Timetable.

A soundtrack for our Urban Fabric

Head on over to Timetable and you’ll notice that you’ve got not one, but two chances to be dancing at your desk today (if you’re at work that is) courtesy of Ken Webb’s new weekly series on Live 100.5 FM, Urban Fabric with Ken Webb.

We’re not only posting the playlists for the show each week, which airs Saturday nights from 10:30 p.m. – 1:30 a.m., but we’re also uploading the Heavyweight selection to Timetable each week. We’ll also be updating the lists to include links to the original songs (in case you’re interested in getting them yourself).

For those wondering about the show itself, check out this mid-January post. You can also follow Urban Fabric on Twitter and keep track of what’s going on with Ken via MySpace.

Music and movies over on Timetable

There are many of you that probably wonder just what does that stationmaster do when he’s sitting there editing posts? Well, even if you don’t, I’m going to tell you anyway – I’m normally drowning out the sounds of the outside (except for the trains that run by our current headquarters) with a fairly eclectic collection of music. This addiction of sorts has picked up steam since running The Terminal has led to a growing collection of CDs that need to be shared with everyone else. That includes the new album by Dead Confederate (released today) that you’ll actually see me attempt to review as soon as you head over to Timetable

You’ll also get a chance to hit the previous post button and check out Whitney’s recent chat with Crewless Productions’ Chance Shirley. So even though it’s a gorgeous day out there, take a few minutes and hop on over there.

See, a music and movie fix over there…

Catch up on Timetable

A little bit of everything today over on Timetable as we talk about an appearance by Razorcake co-founder Sean Carswell tonight at Bottletree, Charles’ thoughts about interesting options for night life in The Magic City and Whitney’s chance to catch up with musician Taylor Hollingsworth about his current tour (and if he’s gotten back all of his equipment yet).

Check it out… yes, right now! Traffic can wait…

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What a weekend for music in Birmingham

We’re hoping that you’ll be able to come and support us at The Terminal Concert on Saturday night at The Bottletree. If you don’t come out though, there’s no excuse for not finding yourself enjoying some incredible performances throughout the Magic City that evening. I’ll get into that statement more on Thursday over on my Birmingham. Today over on Timetable, we’ve started to provide some information on all of your options.

We’ve got a review of WIld Sweet Orange’s latest CD (their release party is Saturday), a quick look at Sorry Saints, performing as part of our show Saturday, and the schedule for this weekend’s Function at the Junction in Ensley.

So yeah, we’re pretty much daring you to say there’s nothing to do…

Finding way to stay cool over on Timetable

The fountain in Linn Park. acnatta/Flickr

Photo: The fountain at Linn Park. acnatta/Flickr.

While some would like to use the fountain in Linn Park to stay cool, but we’re pretty sure that the folks in City Hall would appreciate it if you didn’t. Charles figured that he’d offer a few suggestions for places that wouldn’t mind seeing you visit to keep cool (and hopes you’ll add to his list) over on Timetable.

How to spend a rainy day

Our area meteorologists are saying that we’re not going to see a lot of rain until at least Sunday.

According to Charles, you really shouldn’t be using that as an excuse not to go to one of the newer establishments along 2nd Avenue North downtown.

What's on Second? exterior. Andre Natta/

It’s the latest installment of In Love With, and it’s ready right now!