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Welcome to a faster Hub

If you’re reading this post, I’m happy to report that our site transfer is a success! For those that didn’t get a chance to check out the last post on the old host, we spent the better part of the weekend attempting to get the site to run faster on a new server. This is the result… so far…

We’ll keep you updated with additional minor changes that will be taking place in the next couple of weeks that will speed up the site (among other things).

Enjoy the ride!

P.S. If you want to help us with this transfer, you can always forward and share this post with others…

The Hub’s in DC

The Capitol gets ready for Tuesday 

Photo: The Capitol prepares for the Inauguration of Barack Obama. acnatta/Flickr

Well, I’ve actually been in the Nation’s Capitol since Friday evening – and I’m going to be here through early Wednesday morning. The city’s been buzzing since I drove in during the evening rush and the energy is just continuing to rise as millions of visitors funnel into Washington for Tuesday.

I’ll post photos as I can and I’ll see what other stories I can find while I’m here . The Terminal will see what it can do about covering issues closer to home for the next few days as well. If you happen to be in DC, I’ll be at SOVA Coffeehouse on H Street NE for a Flickr meetup Tuesday afternoon if you want to compare notes. If you’re in town, leave a comment and I’ll try to track you down too. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Music and movies over on Timetable

There are many of you that probably wonder just what does that stationmaster do when he’s sitting there editing posts? Well, even if you don’t, I’m going to tell you anyway – I’m normally drowning out the sounds of the outside (except for the trains that run by our current headquarters) with a fairly eclectic collection of music. This addiction of sorts has picked up steam since running The Terminal has led to a growing collection of CDs that need to be shared with everyone else. That includes the new album by Dead Confederate (released today) that you’ll actually see me attempt to review as soon as you head over to Timetable

You’ll also get a chance to hit the previous post button and check out Whitney’s recent chat with Crewless Productions’ Chance Shirley. So even though it’s a gorgeous day out there, take a few minutes and hop on over there.

See, a music and movie fix over there…

It’s time for the hub to expand

We haven’t done a call for contributors to the site in some time, however with fall beginning to show it’s face and several other events going on (as well as a need for the voices on this site to become more diverse to truly represent the city as we just posted #1,500 to the main page today), this site would benefit from some new blood. It many also wake up the echoes so to speak…

We’re going to be finally making some updates to our submissions guidelines tomorrow morning if you want to look them over but… we’re looking for a few specific spots to be filled over the coming weeks – one or two people to contribute to Timetable (we’re looking for folks who want to cover music and film) and someone to help manage our calendar (meaning you could potentially know everything going on in town – making you a popular person indeed). Besides that, if you love Birmingham and want to spread the word, jump on board.

If enough people contact me tonight via Twitter or email I’ll show up over at Urban Standard tomorrow morning for a short session at about 11 a.m. Otherwise, we’ll be at Speakeasy for our monthly meetup on Thursday evening. Let us know…

Introducing Terri Osborne

For those of you who have been following the hub a while, you may have noticed that Timetable contributor Terri Dann has been silent in recent months. Well, a while back she and I had talked and decided that with planning for her wedding her portion of the In Love With column could wait…

Mr. & Mrs. Terri Osborne acnatta/Flickr

Well, Terri and tied the knot with Ben Osborne on Saturday. Congratulations to both of you!

FYI – Mrs. Osborne let us know that she hopes to return to the column next month (maybe even with a piece about how much she’s happy that wedding planning is over!). Now if I can remember to change her name on the site before then…

Before we begin today…

FYI – we’ve been playing with the furniture, moving it around and seeing what will work and what won’t. The result is a few days of quiet, sporadic posting while The Terminal is under “renovations” (though we’re excited by the number of folks that have entered our City Stages contest – if you didn’t know we were having one, check out the details). They’ve been quite simple so far, but if you haven’t been to the front page, just click on over and check out the far sidebar.

We’ll be continuing to make changes to the site during the next few days, including relaunching our City Stages section on Monday morning.

We’re taking our time and hope that you don’t mind having to put up with us being quiet. Now, where were we…

So, are we going away?

About a month ago, I announced that we were seriously considering shutting the site down effective May 30. (Surprise to everyone who didn’t see it…) Well, we’ve made a decision: while we are still a long way from achieving our financial goals, we’re not going away – at least not yet.

We wanted to make sure that you knew that before you figured out that we weren’t going to be making posts to the site through early Tuesday morning. When we wake up from the long weekend (at around 10 a.m. CDT), we’ll be letting you know about how you can win passes to City Stages 20!

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