It’s time for the hub to expand

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We haven’t done a call for contributors to the site in some time, however with fall beginning to show it’s face and several other events going on (as well as a need for the voices on this site to become more diverse to truly represent the city as we just posted #1,500 to the main page today), this site would benefit from some new blood. It many also wake up the echoes so to speak…

We’re going to be finally making some updates to our submissions guidelines tomorrow morning if you want to look them over but… we’re looking for a few specific spots to be filled over the coming weeks – one or two people to contribute to Timetable (we’re looking for folks who want to cover music and film) and someone to help manage our calendar (meaning you could potentially know everything going on in town – making you a popular person indeed). Besides that, if you love Birmingham and want to spread the word, jump on board.

If enough people contact me tonight via Twitter or email I’ll show up over at Urban Standard tomorrow morning for a short session at about 11 a.m. Otherwise, we’ll be at Speakeasy for our monthly meetup on Thursday evening. Let us know…

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