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Happy International Tee Day!

White Terminal TYes, today’s the first day of summer! It’s also the fourth annual International T-shirt Day, making it appropriate to write about the It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham t-shirts that we’ve currently got available for sale on the site.

There are several reasons to get the shirt. It’s just a cool-looking t-shirt whether in black or white. It’s a great conversation starter both inside and outside of metro Birmingham.

It’s also a great way to help us raise funds to expand the staff of The Terminal this summer. It’s one of several approaches we’ll be taking in the coming months, including voluntary subscriptions and sponsorships (more info coming soon).

We need to sell at least 250 shirts by this Friday, June 24, for this to work as a first step. The shirts cost $20 ($15 + $5 for shipping via USPS). I’d like to thank those who’ve already purchased t-shirts (18 as of this post). Those of you who used Google Checkout to complete the sale, please be aware that they have not shipped yet; there is a glitch in the system that sends both emails. Those orders that we can fill with existing stock on hand will be sent out no later than Friday evening, June 24. If we are unable to reach the goal and as a result unable to fill your order as of Friday evening, your purchase will be refunded at that time.

We hope you’ll help us spread the word so that we’re able to reach our goal using any and all methods available to you. Thanks in advance for your help and your continued support!

Time for Pi (and celebration)

Pi pieMonday marks four years since this crazy digital outpost launched. It’s also Pi Day (as well as the 124th anniversary for The Birmingham News ). We haven’t held a formal party for the occasion since 2008, so we’re probably overdue.

Enter Birmingham’s first ever pie mixer – #piecampbhm.

Registration opened about 10 minutes ago for Monday’s get together. We’re grateful for Ted’s Restaurant for being willing to open up for us on Monday evening (3.14 – beginning at 6 p.m.) and for the conversation that’s got us doing it.

If you want to know a little more about the method behind the event, there’s a post up over on Dear Birmingham right now.

Photo: Pi Pie. pauladamsmith/Flickr.

Π is nice

Terminal bday logoToday, The Terminal turns Pi (or 3.14). I’d be using the symbol but our font of choice is being finicky. There are so many things going on this evening that my game plan is to head over to The Bottletree by 4 p.m. (probably sooner) and hang out for a while. Hopefully you’ve got a moment to stop by and say hello.

On a related topic, there has never been a reader’s poll for The Terminal, though it was becoming obvious that we needed to conduct one. Thankfully, the folks at the Reynolds Journalism Institute would like for our readers to participate in this user survey specific to the site. The results submitted by our visitors will be supplied to us and included in an overall study of online local news sites.

I’d ask that you be as honest as humanly possible as it’s part of a plan to determine how best to serve the folks traveling along with us and how this site can best serve you. I’ve got some other thoughts about it and the whole local media ecosystem over on my Birmingham today.

Yes, John’s column is still on the site

John Morse headshotNo, you didn’t imagine it yesterday… you did see a John Morse post in this section yesterday. This morning the commentary, My recent brushes with wild speculation, was moved over to our my Birmingham section (just so you know where to send folks to go check it out).

Some of you may remember John from The Terminal’s early days as the curator of our daily A Look Back series that referenced our city’s incredible wiki Bhamwiki (which he started four years ago this month). His new column will appear occasionally (but with some frequency) on my Birmingham – the start of what will hopefully become a collection of the city’s voices. We’re definitely looking forward to it and glad to have him back on board.

By the way – if you want to add your voice to that collection, please feel free to contact me via email or Twitter.

Birthdays everywhere

Octagon Clock. Pam Morgan/FlickrIt’s been a fairly busy past few days so far as birthdays or anniversaries go.

Birmingham’s newspaper of record, The Birmingham News, celebrated 122 years of existence yesterday. The Birmingham Genealogical Society turns 51 today while BhamWiki marks four years of documenting the Birmingham district today (they decided to celebrate on Saturday).

Oh yeah… this site, The Terminal, turned three yesterday. We haven’t celebrated yet, though we’re looking for help to figure out how. I figured the best way to honor that yesterday was to write a post over on the site that led to its creation, Dre’s Ramblings (the new one) as opposed to the old one that still needs to come down (it has the same stuff after all)- and say thanks.

Photo: Octagon Clock. Pam Morgan/Flickr

How should we celebrate three years?

As this month’s b-metro column suggests, I’ve been thinking about how to celebrate three years of existence.

Yeah, it seems quite weird to think it’s been three years already, but it will be a week from Sunday…

So after I realized that I wasn’t doing a good job coming up with ideas myself, I thought it would be best to turn to all of you.

How do you think we should celebrate our third anniversary?

Whatever it is will probably not happen on March 14 itself but later on in the month – that’s the hope at least. (BTW – yes, that image you see above is of the front page of The Terminal from April 2007). Things have changed, haven’t they? Share your suggestions in the comments section.

Also, folks signed up for our e-newsletter, the express, (hint, hint) will get a message tomorrow about helping test a new section of the site. Please note that if you do sign up today it is a double opt-in process, so let us know if you don’t receive a confirmation email.

We’re looking for a few good contributors

We’re always looking for folks to add their voice to this website. It’s become a top priority now as we prepare to turn 3 in a few weeks (March 14 to be exact). I’m interested in what needs to happen next as we prepare the site to see its fourth year. I’ve got a few ideas and there’s been some interest shown in getting a few of them off the ground, but the most important thing to do right now is expand the number of voices speaking from the pages of this website.

So I’ll be at Shift Workspace in downtown Birmingham (directions) this Thursday evening, February 25 ready to talk to anyone who’s interested in what the plans are for the site starting at 5:30 p.m.

If you’re looking for guidelines, we’ve got a few of them, but they are also under review right now. If you plan on attending or are interested in picking my brain just a little more about some of the crazy ideas I’ve got, drop me a line via Twitter (@acnatta) or via email (andre[at]bhamterminal[dot]com).

BTW – If you’ve got any ideas about how we should be celebrating three years next month, pass them along too.