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Happy International Tee Day!

White Terminal TYes, today’s the first day of summer! It’s also the fourth annual International T-shirt Day, making it appropriate to write about the It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham t-shirts that we’ve currently got available for sale on the site.

There are several reasons to get the shirt. It’s just a cool-looking t-shirt whether in black or white. It’s a great conversation starter both inside and outside of metro Birmingham.

It’s also a great way to help us raise funds to expand the staff of The Terminal this summer. It’s one of several approaches we’ll be taking in the coming months, including voluntary subscriptions and sponsorships (more info coming soon).

We need to sell at least 250 shirts by this Friday, June 24, for this to work as a first step. The shirts cost $20 ($15 + $5 for shipping via USPS). I’d like to thank those who’ve already purchased t-shirts (18 as of this post). Those of you who used Google Checkout to complete the sale, please be aware that they have not shipped yet; there is a glitch in the system that sends both emails. Those orders that we can fill with existing stock on hand will be sent out no later than Friday evening, June 24. If we are unable to reach the goal and as a result unable to fill your order as of Friday evening, your purchase will be refunded at that time.

We hope you’ll help us spread the word so that we’re able to reach our goal using any and all methods available to you. Thanks in advance for your help and your continued support!

The Terminal T is back

Terminal T shirt frontWhen we launched the site 4½ years ago, one of the things that we did was go about getting a t-shirt printed that summed up the goals and aspirations of the site. We had no idea that the “It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” t-shirt would be as popular as it was among our early readers.

We figured it was time to bring the shirt back – partially because of the number of folks asking about it, partially as a way to help spread the word about our video series and partially as a first step in securing additional funds to help expand the site’s offerings.

We’re hoping that at least 250 people will order either a black (or white) Terminal T as a way to show your support for the website in the coming days. The shirts cost $15 each, with an additional $5 being charged for shipping ($20 total). We do not have a physical location for pick-up at this time so we’ll only be delivering via U.S. Mail.

We’ll see you at TechMixer tonight!

tmexpologoThere’s a rumor that Jason Donaldson, our newest staff member/intern/all-around nice guy, may actually make an appearance – there may be others too…

There’s another one that says that I’m giving away two (2) white Terminal Ts this evening at our TechMixer booth…

Both are true – though I’m not quite sure when Jason’s getting there.

Come on by, say hello, enter for the t-shirts… yeah, that’s about it. Well, that and check out the 68 booths and mingle with all of the other folks (at least 1200 signed up so far) at McWane Science Center tonight from 5-8 p.m. Here’s the program to guide you through (we’ll be there right when you walk in – look for the orange).

Did we mention it’s FREE?! You aren’t able to pre-register anymore, but it shouldn’t take that long to do so once you arrive tonight!

UPDATE: So, about our t-shirts…

UPDATE: 4.18.2008, 9 p.m., We figured it was time to let you know that we actually have started selling t-shirts in house…Click here to learn more about it. UPDATE: 12.18.2007, 10 a.m., After some discussions with our supplier, we’ve decided to hold off on launching our new store until mid-January. They have assured me that anyone that orders any of the shirts currently available will receive them within 7 business days. While that may not necessarily get you a shirt in time for Christmas Day, you can extend the giving season through those twelve days of Christmas…This is also where I remind you that black short-sleeve Terminal Ts are currently available at Highlands Trading Company in Five Points South and beginning today at Java and Jams downtown (20th Street near 4th Avenue North). The price will be between $18 – $20 a piece.

We just found out that some of you that ordered Terminal Ts have not received them. We have just learned of the problem and apologize profusely (yes, I just used the word profusely in a blog post). I’m aware that you’ve been refunded your payments; if you haven’t, please let me know. If you are still interested in purchasing a t-shirt to show your love for Birmingham’s hub for conversation (especially during these final days of the holiday season), I’ve got two possible solutions. I’ll have some black t-shirts with me on Thursday over at Bottletree if you’re interested for $15 a piece. Your second option is to visit our new online store tomorrow morning and pick up a shirt there (though it will cost a little more).If you’re wanting a shirt in a different color (including, starting tomorrow, orange) , a long sleeve shirt, or just want to see what else we came up with to put the logo on, the online store may be the better option. Plus, if you’re interested in getting those items as Christmas gifts, there’s still time to order them and have them arrive.