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Meet Shark and Ray

shark-and-ray-stillMcWane Science Center‘s introducing their two newest online stars today. Shark and Ray are going to be featured in a new series of shorts that will be posted on YouTube (the first of which was posted today) in conjunction with their Wish for Fish campaign which will culminate with a new Shark and Ray aquarium in July. If you want to keep up with their latest adventures, you can follow them on Twitter or Facebook as well.

Still image courtesy of Shark & Ray.

Wish for Fish at McWane this summer

Wish for Fish - McWane Science CenterMcWane Science Center is adding a new Shark & Ray Touch Tank to their World of Water aquarium in July and they’re looking for folks to help them stock it. You can support the new interactive experience as a Guppy, a Sting Ray or a Bonnethead Shark among other things. You can visit their website to contribute to Wish for Fish or if you’re on Facebook, become a member of their Cause and spread the word!

Thanks for stopping by at TechMixer tonight

How about checking out our uStream?

We’ll be here until 8 p.m. tonight, giving away a few Terminal Ts and launching a new contest (sort of). We’ll hopefully see you here (or on camera at least).

UPDATE: Thanks for stopping by… For those that came by the booth at TechMixer, we’ll be announcing why we handed out those orange signs at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow.

We’ll see you at TechMixer tonight!

tmexpologoThere’s a rumor that Jason Donaldson, our newest staff member/intern/all-around nice guy, may actually make an appearance – there may be others too…

There’s another one that says that I’m giving away two (2) white Terminal Ts this evening at our TechMixer booth…

Both are true – though I’m not quite sure when Jason’s getting there.

Come on by, say hello, enter for the t-shirts… yeah, that’s about it. Well, that and check out the 68 booths and mingle with all of the other folks (at least 1200 signed up so far) at McWane Science Center tonight from 5-8 p.m. Here’s the program to guide you through (we’ll be there right when you walk in – look for the orange).

Did we mention it’s FREE?! You aren’t able to pre-register anymore, but it shouldn’t take that long to do so once you arrive tonight!

TechMixer Expo 2008, McWane Scence Center

TechMixer Expo 2008 is a technology networking event organized by TechBirmingham and sponsored by morethan 30 technology organizations and companies.  It’s the four ever event, allowing tech professionals and enthusiasts from the region to learn more about the area’s numerous technology user groups as well as providing a venue to share ideas.

If you’re a member of a tech user group you can participate by reserving a free table and staffing that table with someone from your group that can talk about what it offers.

Oh yeah, it’s FREE!

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