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So, Ken found us

Long-time residents of Birmingham and fans of Beaner and Ken may be wondering if the voice of Vulcan the Merman in the Shark and Ray video series created by Provenance Digital Media for McWane Science Center sounds familiar for a reason…

tk-tmp-logo-signatureWell, we’ll answer this another way… This morning we got an email from Ken thanking us for posting the screenshot and link from the Beaner and Ken website last May and letting us know about his new gig he started two weeks ago in his new Southern hometown – Columbia, SC.

Accoding to Ken, the new Tyler and Ken Show (the blog’s up, the website’s coming) is doing really well and it’s available via audio stream at New 92 Country’s (yes, country’s) website. They’re also working on their own site.

We also think you’ll appreciate this note from Ken – after the jump that is… Continue reading

Meet Shark and Ray

shark-and-ray-stillMcWane Science Center‘s introducing their two newest online stars today. Shark and Ray are going to be featured in a new series of shorts that will be posted on YouTube (the first of which was posted today) in conjunction with their Wish for Fish campaign which will culminate with a new Shark and Ray aquarium in July. If you want to keep up with their latest adventures, you can follow them on Twitter or Facebook as well.

Still image courtesy of Shark & Ray.