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Yes, Real Rap Wives of Birmingham exists

real rap housewives screenshotIf you looked at the query list on the back end of The Terminal yesterday, a common search thread was “real rap housewives of Birmingham.” Once you get more than five folks looking for the same thing and stumbling across the site, it means you’ve got to figure out exactly why they’re looking for it.

A search turned up a brand new YouTube channel, 21 subscribers, and well over 2,000 views as of late last night.

Considering the aforementioned Viacom blackout currently underway for DirectTV customers, it was only a matter of time before something like this popped up. This first “webisode” of Real Wives of Birmingham (part 1 | part 2) isn’t the first time the Wives have appeared online – at least not according to what you find when you do a search for them. For example, there’s this episode found via the Bham Music Blog from last April. There’s also this review posted on July 16 over on the Los Angeles based The Cynical Ones. Maybe you can let us know if you agree with Michael’s assessment of the show or not.

It’s Nice… returns with Edwin Marty

Edwin MartyEdwin Marty has dedicated the last ten years to helping metro Birmingham understand why organic food is important to its future.

After seeing Molly Folse’s post in March announcing his resignation from Jones Valley Urban Farm (it happened earlier this month), it made sense to interview him as the next subject of the “It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” video series hosted over on Dear Birmingham. We’ve previously featured an interview with Sharrif Simmons, founder of the BAAM Festival.

The idea behind the series is to talk with those that are doing things in Alabama’s Magic City about the project in addition to issues facing the region.

Marty’s departure has been written about in recent months by both Birmingham Weekly and The Birmingham News. Incidentally, if you don’t click through to see the video, you may want to at least learn about where he’s headed next

Vote for Bettola’s James Lewis – NOW!

James Lewis of Bettola. Courtesy of the restaurant's website.James Lewis of Bettola, a popular restaurant located at Pepper Place, is currently in first place, but the voting’s getting tight so he needs your help to keep him there.

He’s leading an impressive field of ten Gulf Coast chefs in Food & Wine’s The People’s Best New Chef online poll for that region.

Voting ends this evening (we’re assuming at midnight local time) so you probably want to head over there right now and make sure yours is counted. The official rules state that they’re only counting one vote per computer so you may need to tell a few of your friends about this. so James can make it to the next round – that’s when he’ll be going up against the winners from the other nine regional winners.

The overall winner of the poll will be featured in the July issue of Food & Wine.

Photo: Bettola’s James Lewis. Courtesy of the restaurant’s website.

Party at Shift WorkSpace tonight!

shift_work_space_logo1The paint’s dry, the furniture’s assembled and the front door is ready to be open to visitors at Shift WorkSpace this evening. One of Alabama’s first coworking space (and our new offline home) will host a grand opening event tonight (May 28) beginning at 5 p.m. The space and its founder, Drew Jones, has garnered a great deal of press recently, including a follow up brief about tonight’s opening in the BBJ and a story in today’s edition of The Birmingham News (it’s in the business section). There’s still time to RSVP, though at this point, you may just want to come on over and see what the excitement’s about.

What are you dreaming for Birmingham?

It's time to imagine Birmingham's future...We already told you about today’s Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham annual meeting a couple of week’s ago.

Today, I had the privilege of writing this post for the foundation’s Imagine blog. I’d ask you to check out the post, learn why the green bracelet that you see here is significant and then share your dream for The Magic City and the surrounding region either by clicking here to comment on the post over there or putting your answer over on Magic City Question.

I’d ask that you share your comments even after today’s events are over.

Come out to The Bottletree tonight!

bldglogoNo, I have not been screaming from the top of the City Federal building asking you to come out to The Bottletree tonight for our fairly mellow celebration of this site’s two years of existence (though that does give me an idea for next year).

Hopefully the weather won’t be too bad this evening and the basketball games on the screens should keep your attention if the announcement I’ll be making doesn’t…

See, now don’t you just want to come because of that last sentence alone? The radio silence can be blamed partially on tonight’s announcement as well, but not entirely. The fun’s starting around 5 p.m., there will be some white Terminal Ts given away to some of the lucky attendees (we’ll have a few for sale as well).

If you can come out, great; if not, pass this evite link along to a friend.

Birmingham’s shovel ready!

I’ll admit I didn’t know what that term meant . until a recent consulting trip out to Colorado (and based on this, I may never get a chance to know). Now, it’s become one of the most popular terms associated with our national economic crisis. Now, Stimulus Watch you can track the progress of the $69 million dollars worth of projects that the city submitted for federal funding

We thought you’d like that ability. Go ahead and share your votes and thoughts on the individual items. The website’s homepage provides more information about how you can do just that as well as why it exists.