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What are you dreaming for Birmingham?

It's time to imagine Birmingham's future...We already told you about today’s Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham annual meeting a couple of week’s ago.

Today, I had the privilege of writing this post for the foundation’s Imagine blog. I’d ask you to check out the post, learn why the green bracelet that you see here is significant and then share your dream for The Magic City and the surrounding region either by clicking here to comment on the post over there or putting your answer over on Magic City Question.

I’d ask that you share your comments even after today’s events are over.

The big news comes tomorrow

That big news we promised you on Friday that would take place today? Due to circumstances beyound our control, it can’t be announced until tomorrow morning. Yes, we’re sorry we can’t share yet, but those of us that know what it is think that you’ll find it worth the wait.

Now that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t help us out a little early by giving some real consideration to answering today’s Magic City Question. Those answers will come in handy…