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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving turkey. WishUponACupcake/FlickrBirmingham’s just a little quieter than normal as people begin to make that journey over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house (or wherever their journeys may be taking them today). It is known as the busiest traveling day of the year, but we knew there’d be a few of you checking in…

So we’re hoping that you’ll be willing to share your stories with the rest of The Terminal’s community during the next couple of days. Today’s Magic City Question hopes that we’ll learn more about long-standing and new traditions for the holiday while we’re taking a page out of The New York Times‘ book and seeing if folks are willing to share photos of their pending feasts and all of the preparation that goes along with it.

No matter what you choose to do, we hope that you enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Photo: Thanksgiving turkey. WishUponACupcake/Flickr

What are you dreaming for Birmingham?

It's time to imagine Birmingham's future...We already told you about today’s Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham annual meeting a couple of week’s ago.

Today, I had the privilege of writing this post for the foundation’s Imagine blog. I’d ask you to check out the post, learn why the green bracelet that you see here is significant and then share your dream for The Magic City and the surrounding region either by clicking here to comment on the post over there or putting your answer over on Magic City Question.

I’d ask that you share your comments even after today’s events are over.

The big news comes tomorrow

That big news we promised you on Friday that would take place today? Due to circumstances beyound our control, it can’t be announced until tomorrow morning. Yes, we’re sorry we can’t share yet, but those of us that know what it is think that you’ll find it worth the wait.

Now that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t help us out a little early by giving some real consideration to answering today’s Magic City Question. Those answers will come in handy…

Happy Thanksgiving Birmingham!

Best wishes to you and yours on this day of Thanksgiving from Birmingham’s hub – and prayers for those affected by the continuing crisis in Mumbai

We just have one question to ask today, and you can click on it to take you over to Magic City Question to answer if you feel so inclined:

What are you thankful for?

UPDATE: Gas prices rising

UPDATE: 5 p.m. – Share gas prices on with The Hub – right here

We’d post links, but we’re all aware of the rising gas prices across the country in general and here in Birmingham in particular. We started hearing the rumors yesterday on both Facebook and Twitter and the long lines reported by folks (including James Spann via Twitter) says that as one person put it “the Chicken Littles are having their day today.”

Which leads us to today’s Magic City Question, appropriately posted after all of you have gotten back from lunch… We’ll look forward to your answers (over there that is).

Larry’s latest suggestion is unveiled; thoughts?

We’re going to ask you about your thoughts on Larry’s latest plan for today’s Magic City Question

No, we’re not talking about the planned renovations to City Hall for compliance with ADA access, or the suggestion that we purchase the sewer system if the county declares bankruptcy (oh, wait, that was Councilor Hoyt‘s idea); or for your feedback about yesterday’s day off for all city employees (that many in the city were not aware of) because some came in to work during successful efforts to accomodate evacuees  from Hurricane Gustav on Labor Day (though we’d planned to ask that question).

Nope, today’s question has to do with plans for new plazas with fountains throughout the city. We figured you’d want to share your thoughts with us over there

A great excuse

Lunch at Pete's - acnatta/Flickr

Lunch at Pete’s. acnatta/Flickr

So while it’s not the main reason that we were quiet yesterday, it’s a great excuse to use. The staff and I were enjoying some hot dogs from Pete’s (OK, maybe I was enjoying a hot dog from Pete’s so I wouldn’t get anyone sick…) with it being National Hot Dog Day and all. We’ve asked about your favorite hot dog places before, leading to some interesting comments … so you can either add your favorite to the list here or answer today’s Magic City Question about Mayor Langford’s “top secret” plan over here.

Tough choice, huh?