Larry’s latest suggestion is unveiled; thoughts?

09.9.2008 by André Natta · Comments Off on Larry’s latest suggestion is unveiled; thoughts?

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We’re going to ask you about your thoughts on Larry’s latest plan for today’s Magic City Question

No, we’re not talking about the planned renovations to City Hall for compliance with ADA access, or the suggestion that we purchase the sewer system if the county declares bankruptcy (oh, wait, that was Councilor Hoyt‘s idea); or for your feedback about yesterday’s day off for all city employees (that many in the city were not aware of) because some came in to work during successful efforts to accomodate evacuees  from Hurricane Gustav on Labor Day (though we’d planned to ask that question).

Nope, today’s question has to do with plans for new plazas with fountains throughout the city. We figured you’d want to share your thoughts with us over there

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