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Seems the airport’s new name’s OK, but the logo

Perhaps today’s announcement that the Birmingham Airport Authority has voted to change the name of our airport to Birmingham Shuttlesworth Interntational Airport will cause many to voice concerns as to whether or not it should have been done (for whatever reason). One man’s thoughts though went to whether or not there was any thought given to the logo proposed by Mayor Langford during the specially called meeting.

So, what do you think? (a.k.a. – blatant plug to go answer today’s Magic City Question)

FYI – next steps include the FAA approving the name change (which shouldn’t be a problem). It has always been reported that our BHM designation would remain unchanged with the new name, as it did with its old one. We’re also a little nervous about the potential jokes that will be made about the shuttle buses promised back in April.

Earth Day plans?

BTW – how about letting us know what your plans are for Earth Day over on Magic City Question?

Just wondering…

No tax on groceries? Could be…

The Alabama State House of Representatives passed a measure yesterday that would allow voters to decide via referendum in November if they will pay state taxes on groceries. The bill would also take away the ability for some taxpayers to deduct their Federal income tax from their amount of state taxes due as a replacement for revenue, leading to some interesting discussion and opinions.

According to the article in today’s Birmingham News, the bill’s sponsor believes that the measure, if approved, would save a majority of the state’s taxpayers money. It would also still allow taxes to be charged at the local and county level.

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Time to dream a little dream for the region

Late last week the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham introduced the Community Catalyst Fund at their annual meeting. I decided to take a moment and write about what I think it means for our region – the result is our current entry over on my Birmingham. Check it out if you’ve got a moment.

Then let us know what your biggest dream for Birmingham as you answer our current Magic City Question

We want answers (and to plug Sam’s column)

First of all, if you haven’t checked them out, Sam’s musical picks for the weekend are up over on Timetable.

Second, I was wondering, considering that our current Magic City Question is by far one of the most visited ones in the site’s short history, why don’t we have more responses? So I’m blatantly putting another link to it here to see if I can drum up some more responses before I share one tomorrow morning. Click on the link below to answer the question.

How can you be responsible for Birmingham’s reputation?

One more thing, we’re finally going to make an announcement tomorrow about changes for the coming year on the site. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing… (at least, we think so)

Who’s responsible for Birmingham’s reputation?

We constantly talk about the University of Alabama at Birmingham as being the economic engine of not just the city or the region, but the state.

Today one the columnists for their student newspaper, the Kaleidoscope, decided to pose a rather powerful question (and challenge) to her fellow students and I believe to the community at large.

I think that the challenge should also be brought to the masses.

Which leads us to today’s Magic City Question (we are aware that our front page feature has “stalled” working on that right now).

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It’s getting interesting over there…

Rewriting code is not all it’s cracked up to be – resulting in one of those classic “slowdown” periods for us. Luckily, the folks over on our Timetable section keep it going. Thanks to all who’ve taken a moment to offer their comments about Terri’s column – we’re asking that you click here to share your thoughts on “lost Birmingham” over on Magic City Question. Sam’s picks for the week are ready over on Timetable right now in case you haven’t already seen them.

Christina’s picks for the weekend are up and ready to go as well – be sure to read up on this weekend’s Art Bash!