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One of the benefits of doing these picks for you folks is that I get to discover all sorts of music I would never have otherwise noticed. And more often than not one of these discoveries turns out to be a really chunky nugget of goodness. Such is the case with our first band this weekend. Take a gander:

Thursday 3/6
The Old Ceremony @ The Nick
Admission: 8$   Go Time: 10:00 p.m.
The Old Ceremony   Do me a favor, ok? Click on the link to The Old Ceremony just above this and listen to any one (or more) of the songs on their myspace page right now. I’ll wait here while you go……………..Ok, everyone back? Good. I shouldn’t need to say anything else. Enjoy yourselves, and I’ll see you at the show.
Friday 3/7    
The Greencards / Andy Davis @ Workplay
Admission: $10   Go Time: 8:30 p.m.
The Greencards   There’s a whole bucket of bluegrass coming to a theatre near you tonight in the form of 2008 Grammy Nominee The Greencards. If you like to stamp your feet and holler out at random tourettic intervals just for the soul of it all, then get your butt in gear. There’s pickin’ in your near future, I have see it in….the stars, yeah.

Andy Davis   Andy Davis has got some sweet soul, though it’s a little slicker than I usually like. He does write a pretty little ditty though, there is no doubt about it. If you can get past the Barnes & Noble brand name, you’ll probably like what you hear. Probably.
Saturday 3/8    
The Big Sleep @ Bottletree
Admission: $10   Zero Hour: 9 p.m.
The Big Sleep   The Big Sleep is a strangly inappropriate name for a band that makes as much sheer noise as this one (though perhaps they’re channeling Chandler). It’s not all glorious feedback either. There are these fractured little moments of beauty sprinkled throughout, and they hit you all the harder because of the caustic nature of their surroundings.

Peace, rock and all that junk!

This post was written by Sam George and brought to you by r3vrb.com and peanut butter.

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