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r3vrb destinations 3.27 – 3.29

03.27.2008 by sam · → Leave a comment

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Now that Easter is over, there’s a long stretch with no Major Holidays. Don’t worry about it! Just shorten your horizon a little. Look to the weekend, and the many delights it holds:

Thursday 3/27    
The Gourds @ Zydeco
Admission: 10$   Go Time: 10:00 p.m.
The Gourds   The Gourds are a grab bag. They’ve got a little bit of good ol’ bluegrass, a touch of jam, and a whole lot of rootsy get-down. These guys came up out of the Austin scene and have been doin’ their thang for a while now, and recently got some spotlight on NPR. It’s mellow, and it’s groovy, the perfect way to start of the weekend.
Friday 3/28    
OK GO / Wild Sweet Orange @ Sloss Furnaces
Admission: 25$   Go Time: 7 p.m.
OK GO / Wild Sweet Orange   There are many other cool things playing tonight in the City, but tonights show is without a doubt the only thing you should attend tonight. OK GO is one of the coolest things myspace and youtube ever spawned, and this will be a great homecoming show for recently signed Wild Sweet Orange. On top of that, the show is sponsered by Raise the Volume, so all proceeds go towards Cystic Fibrosis research, awareness and care. All in some of the coolest surroundings for a rock show that exist. Seriously, if you’re not at this show, you had better have a really good reason. You know you need the karma points.

Saturday 3/29    
Grayson Capps and the Stumpknockers @ The Nick
Admission: $7   Zero Hour: 10 p.m.
Greyson Capps   Lucky for us, Greyson Capps has the bachelor blues, and the only way he has to get it out is to play country tinged blues till he forgets his woes. Not that you could tell from his mug to the right. When it comes down to it, if a man can sing, and he’s singin’ the blues, I’ll listen a spell.

Ta for now. Don’t forget to bring it with everything you got. What? You heard me.

This post was written by Sam George and brought to you by r3vrb.com and manatees.

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