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What do you miss in Birmingham?

That’s a question asked by our own Terri Dann in this week’s “In Love With” column over on Timetable. It’s also the basis of our current Magic City Question. There’s a second part to this – check out the question over on MCQ and let us know your thoughts.

So, we can score a KEXP remote

I was listening to KEXP this morning online in Seattle – they’ve been a big supporter of many of our local acts in recent years. Well, they’re actually on the last day of their pledge drive over there. If I did my math correctly, it’ll be history at around 4 p.m. today Central time.

While I highly doubt that we’ll catch San Fransisco or Chicago, it would be interesting to see just how many of us actually listen (though those of us that listen that can also pledge is another story). Check their City to City Challenge page for more information. The winning city gets a live remote…

and while you’re at it, how about submitting an answer for our new Magic City QuestionWhat’s your favorite radio station?

So what would you tell your 15 year-old self?

That’s the Magic City Question that we pose to you this week. Click here to add your answer to the mix…

(If you answer here, we’ll have to move it over there, and that just takes away from us being able to get more news up Wink).

Susannah Felts submitted the question to us – after seeing the responses that the guys over at Gapers Block got after they posted it in their Fuel section. Incidentally, Felts will be having a book signing event tomorrow evening at The Bottletree – one of two for her first novel. Trav interviewed her to find out some more about the book and it’s now up on Timetable – check it out.

FYI – you can now get a taste of what’s going on around the site by checking out the central column of our front page – that is, if you’re normally reading us via RSS or email. We figured you’d like that one-stop shop idea.

So Birmingham, what’s “IN”?

“In” Birmingham campaign in use on CVB website

Screenshot of Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau website.

It’s the newest cooperative marketing campaign from the visitors bureau, the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex, the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Birmingham Metropolitan Development Board and the City of Birmingham. The CVB has even changed their website to coincide with the official launch of the campaign taking place later today.

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Magic City Question: So Idol starts tonight… you gonna watch?

That would seem to be the $1 million question. The two-hour premiere will no doubt get some viewers, but we want to know if the home of Idols will watch this season? One person’s opinion is that American Idol has finally jumped the shark

Click here and let us know what you think.

Are you enough in the know about our local scene?

We freely admit that we’ve been slow to complete the transformation of our own arts and culture section into what we hoped it would be in the beginning (though we’re thinking that you might like the direction it’s appearing it will be going in).

A bulletin and blog post on MySpace yesterday though that made us begin to wonder about the local area’s web presence.

Which of course, leads to today’s Magic City Question.

We really want to know what you’re thinking on this one ( I think all of us websites are). Hopefully you’ll be able to give us an answer or two.

Or maybe even a suggestion or two about how to fix it.

Magic City Question: So what’s a hub for conversation?

We have our thoughts – we want to know yours. It’s today’s Magic City Question.

We’d really appreciate it as we continue to get ready for 2008.

Enjoy the ride!