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So what would you tell your 15 year-old self?

That’s the Magic City Question that we pose to you this week. Click here to add your answer to the mix…

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Susannah Felts submitted the question to us – after seeing the responses that the guys over at Gapers Block got after they posted it in their Fuel section. Incidentally, Felts will be having a book signing event tomorrow evening at The Bottletree – one of two for her first novel. Trav interviewed her to find out some more about the book and it’s now up on Timetable – check it out.

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This Will Go On Your Permanent Record release party w/The2ndHand No. 27, The Bottletree

So you’ve got to check out this release party and reading for THE2NDHAND contributor Susannah Felts‘ first novel, This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record, a sort of coming-of-age of the artist, a story of the commitment of youth, given freedom.

There will be readings by Felts, Birmingham poet Chris Lawson, and the trio of THE2NDHAND editor Todd Dills, contributor Nadria Tucker (winner of our 2007 Art Walk competition) and poet Emily Self as Pitchfork Battalion. Music by Through the Sparks‘ Jody Nelson.

Cost: Free

The Bottletree
3719 3rd Avenue South (directions)