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Yes, John’s column is still on the site

John Morse headshotNo, you didn’t imagine it yesterday… you did see a John Morse post in this section yesterday. This morning the commentary, My recent brushes with wild speculation, was moved over to our my Birmingham section (just so you know where to send folks to go check it out).

Some of you may remember John from The Terminal’s early days as the curator of our daily A Look Back series that referenced our city’s incredible wiki Bhamwiki (which he started four years ago this month). His new column will appear occasionally (but with some frequency) on my Birmingham – the start of what will hopefully become a collection of the city’s voices. We’re definitely looking forward to it and glad to have him back on board.

By the way – if you want to add your voice to that collection, please feel free to contact me via email or Twitter.

LaMonte’s speech still talk of metro Birmingham

An evening view of Birmingham's west side from VulcanOne of the highlights of this year’s MLK Unity Breakfast was the speech given by Ed LaMonte, a former Howell Heflin Professor of Political Science at Birmingham-Southern College. The former interim superintendent of schools for the City of Birmingham took the opportunity to discuss the severe divisions that still exist in Birmingham and its metropolitan area during his remarks (made one day before the special election to select the city’s new mayor).

Reaction to the speech has been mixed, with some believing that it was appropriate while others wondered if it was the right time, place or if it was even necessary.

Current interim Birmingham City Schools superintendent Barbara Allen was one of the people who felt that she had to say something about the comments made.

It only seems to make sense that both voices be looked at and for you to decide. LaMonte’s comments have been posted to our editorial section while this link to AL.com will take you to Allen’s comments published in yesterday’s (Sunday’s) paper.

Ads to ride off into the sunset

MAX bus in downtown Birmingham, AL with syphilis epidemic ad

André Natta/bhamterminal.com

This could be the last time you see this image — if you missed Saturday’s Birmingham News, you missed this story on the removal of these ads by the BJCTA, at the mayor’s request, because it was presenting a bad image.

So what do I think? Find out over on my Birmingham… then let us know what you think.

Today’s my Birmingham guest blogger: Barry Copeland

Barry Copeland - Bob Farley/f8PhotoBirmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce executive vice president Barry Copeland gave a very uplifting talk to the Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce in mid-March asking people to take a look at all of the positive things taking place in Birmingham and the surrounding area.

Of course, we’re always happy with folks that take that approach to looking at things, so we decided that he would be a great person to formally begin our guest blogger series over on my Birmingham (go on, check out the post).

What we didn’t know was how much of an effect asking Barry to write would have (though we doubt we can take that much credit for it). We’re pretty happy with the result ourselves.

Hope springs eternal on the west side

Fair Park revitalization photo - Bob Farley/f8PhotoTuesday’s vote dedicating approximately $48 million for the redevelopment of the Fair Park property on the city’s west side raised some interesting questions, and hope. It might also be raising concerns as just under $1 billion has been now earmarked for projects across the city since Mayor Langford’s inauguration late last year.

I chimed in with my thoughts over on my Birmingham early this morning. Check ’em out and then add yours to the mix.

BTW, did anyone notice that one of the stations that still has a contract to advertise the Spring Fling at the arena after WJLD’s contract was pulled just happened to be WATV? We’re just saying

Photo credit: Bob Farley/f8Photo

Time to dream a little dream for the region

Late last week the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham introduced the Community Catalyst Fund at their annual meeting. I decided to take a moment and write about what I think it means for our region – the result is our current entry over on my Birmingham. Check it out if you’ve got a moment.

Then let us know what your biggest dream for Birmingham as you answer our current Magic City Question