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The Classic’s tomorrow!

Just in case you don’t already know, America’s oldest ballpark, Rickwood Field, will be hosting the 14th annual Rickwood Classic tomorrow (Wednesday, May 27) afternoon beginning at 12:35 p.m. Our Birmingham Barons will take on the Mississippi Braves and taking a look back to 1982. Former Braves broadcaster Pete Van Vieren is scheduled to throw out the first pitch.

Check out Josh Self’s memories of attending the landmark facility on Birmingham’s West side over on My Birmingham. You may also want to check out this year’s poster for the Classic and find out more about the ballpark and its place in history over at its official website.

Congratulations President-elect Obama

President-elect Barack Obama. Bob Farley/f8Photo

There are two main reasons why we’ve stayed quiet since Tuesday. One was somewhat implied in my sole entry on Election Day – I (and thus The Terminal) have been moving to a new section of town and it’s a little difficult to write when you’re moving boxes. The other reason was because simply put – Tuesday was one of those days that did not need commentary or opinion. It was a day where we witnessed a peaceful transfer of power and the promise of change in Washington.

Well, there is one more reason, but you’ll have to head over to my Birmingham to learn about it.

Register to vote!

A friendly reminder from your friends here at Birmingham’s hub as we approach the two-week warning for this year’s presidential election. We’ll go ahead and point you to a great website, Alabama Votes, courtesy of our Secretary of State’s office.

I’ve been in Colorado for the week but wanted to take a moment and share a few thoughts about your role in this upcoming election over on my Birmingham. I’d be interested in seeing what you think…

Today’s my Birmingham guest blogger: Barry Copeland

Barry Copeland - Bob Farley/f8PhotoBirmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce executive vice president Barry Copeland gave a very uplifting talk to the Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce in mid-March asking people to take a look at all of the positive things taking place in Birmingham and the surrounding area.

Of course, we’re always happy with folks that take that approach to looking at things, so we decided that he would be a great person to formally begin our guest blogger series over on my Birmingham (go on, check out the post).

What we didn’t know was how much of an effect asking Barry to write would have (though we doubt we can take that much credit for it). We’re pretty happy with the result ourselves.

UPDATE: Opinions on the state of King’s Dream

UPDATE: 4:47 p.m. André’s editorial is now available. See the link at the end of the post.

As we remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the 40th observance of the date of his assassination, let’s take a moment and listen to the words of the fallen solider of the Civil Rights movement delivered the evening before he died (RealAudio file).

We’ve decided to share two editorials with you over on my Birmingham as the nation remembers the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. which occurred some 40 years ago today.

Our first piece comes from our editorial assistant, Leah Walcott, currently a senior at Miles College in Fairfield, AL.

Yours truly will post his own thoughts on the occasion and what it means around 4:45 p.m. this afternoonThis post is now available over on my Birmingham.

Time to make plans…

In all fairness, we here at the Terminal thought you might need more time to plan for the weekend. Some of the events we highlight have limited seating or the potential to sell out quickly. While we can’t keep stuff from selling out, we’re at least going to give you more of a fighting chance by giving you a heads up a few days earlier.

So if you care to see what Christina basically has planned for her weekend and the events she thinks you’ll be interested in too, click here to keep reading.

You might also be interested in finding out which area chicken salads Terri’s “In Love With”…

OK folks, here’s the 411 for the weekend

While yours truly flies back into Birmingham tomorrow evening after a cold (but productive) week in Washington, DC, you need to be checking out Christina’s picks for activities and Sam’s picks for music today for this weekend (and show your appreciation to them and the rest of the staff for the work they’ve done this week.) Hopefully we’ll have Terri’s “In Love With” column up later this evening (after my second test that is…). And if you haven’t seen Trav’s interview with our own John Morse about another aspect of his life over on Timetable, get over there now!

For those wondering where this week’s edition of the express is – it will arrive in your inbox sometime tomorrow afternoon.

And (though I doubt it) if you’re asking yourself “Why’s André up in the Nation’s Capital?“, check out the return (finally) of my column over on my Birmingham on Monday morning and this section of the site all next week to find out.

P.S. there is no staff meeting this week. Our next meeting will be on Saturday, February 2.