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Parks and music elsewhere on The Hub

We haven’t been completely silent on the site today…

Barry Copeland’s shared his second post with us (over on my Birmingham) about the park-nership taking place in Birmingham.

Over on Timetable, Sam’s ready to convince us to take a side trip to the Raindrop Festival as part of his music picks for the weekend

Hope you’ll take a moment and check both of them out!

Today’s my Birmingham guest blogger: Barry Copeland

Barry Copeland - Bob Farley/f8PhotoBirmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce executive vice president Barry Copeland gave a very uplifting talk to the Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce in mid-March asking people to take a look at all of the positive things taking place in Birmingham and the surrounding area.

Of course, we’re always happy with folks that take that approach to looking at things, so we decided that he would be a great person to formally begin our guest blogger series over on my Birmingham (go on, check out the post).

What we didn’t know was how much of an effect asking Barry to write would have (though we doubt we can take that much credit for it). We’re pretty happy with the result ourselves.