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Π is nice

Terminal bday logoToday, The Terminal turns Pi (or 3.14). I’d be using the symbol but our font of choice is being finicky. There are so many things going on this evening that my game plan is to head over to The Bottletree by 4 p.m. (probably sooner) and hang out for a while. Hopefully you’ve got a moment to stop by and say hello.

On a related topic, there has never been a reader’s poll for The Terminal, though it was becoming obvious that we needed to conduct one. Thankfully, the folks at the Reynolds Journalism Institute would like for our readers to participate in this user survey specific to the site. The results submitted by our visitors will be supplied to us and included in an overall study of online local news sites.

I’d ask that you be as honest as humanly possible as it’s part of a plan to determine how best to serve the folks traveling along with us and how this site can best serve you. I’ve got some other thoughts about it and the whole local media ecosystem over on my Birmingham today.

A sleeping website awakes

I think that The Terminal will take some advice from one of our readers who hinted that he didn’t want to see another year in review story or predictions about Birmingham, AL for 2009…

Those who’ve survived this year behind the scenes here will leave that job of interpreting up to you over on Magic City Question, starting today.

What I will do is take a few moments to explain the site’s recent silence over on My Birmingham (but only after giving a quick shout out to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights for their victory in the Papa Bowl!).

Congratulations President-elect Obama

President-elect Barack Obama. Bob Farley/f8Photo

There are two main reasons why we’ve stayed quiet since Tuesday. One was somewhat implied in my sole entry on Election Day – I (and thus The Terminal) have been moving to a new section of town and it’s a little difficult to write when you’re moving boxes. The other reason was because simply put – Tuesday was one of those days that did not need commentary or opinion. It was a day where we witnessed a peaceful transfer of power and the promise of change in Washington.

Well, there is one more reason, but you’ll have to head over to my Birmingham to learn about it.

Time to Trick or Vote!

This evening people will gather at McWane Science Center to do their part to convince folks to take the next step in this year’s election. We’ve graciously provided space to folks from Empower Alabama over on my Birmingham so they can explain to you in their own words about Trick or Vote (especially since we’re serving as a sponsor for the event with WZZK, Red Mountain Bank, Thicket Magazine, Rojo and Birmingham Weekly).

Register to vote!

A friendly reminder from your friends here at Birmingham’s hub as we approach the two-week warning for this year’s presidential election. We’ll go ahead and point you to a great website, Alabama Votes, courtesy of our Secretary of State’s office.

I’ve been in Colorado for the week but wanted to take a moment and share a few thoughts about your role in this upcoming election over on my Birmingham. I’d be interested in seeing what you think…

UPDATE: Scrollworks needs our help

UPDATE: 10.1.2008, 6:15 p.m. Good news…

UPDATE: 10.1.2008, 4 p.m., We’ve received word that things may be getting worked out. We’d still encourage anyone who can to attend Saturday’s performance.

Scrollworks needs our help with regards to this weekend’s planned performance and educational session by Barrage. There’s a chance that it may not be able to happen. Find out more over on my Birmingham.

WordCamp Birmingham – come on over

Late Friday evening, we announced that we would be serving as an organizing sponsor for WordCamp Birmingham, the first WordCamp that will be held in the Southeastern United States. The conference will take place on September 27 & 28. A quick primer – WordCamps are informal gatherings of WordPress enthusiasts, users and developers to talk the popular, open source software used to run several million blogs and websites (including this one).

I’ve got some interesting reasons for why we’re doing this and if you head over to My Birmingham today, you’ll get to read them all.