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Phelps’s son says enough hate as local protest nears

A special report on last night’s Nightline was significant considering what’s scheduled to happen tomorrow morning locally.

Members of Westboro Baptist Church are currently planning to protest during the funeral of Marine Lance Cpl. Thomas E. Rivers, Jr. at Briarwood Presbyterian Church (map) tomorrow morning. Those interested in shielding mourners from the protesters will want to check out this Facebook event and share it with those that may be able to attend and help.

One person says that this pattern of hate needs to stop – the son of church founder Fred Phelps.

Nate Phelps spoke with the ABC News program last night about abuse at the hands of his father as a child, the reason why he left home nearly 30 years ago. He also spoke about his opinions on the case before the Supreme Court that will determine whether the fundamentalist church will be allowed to continue protesting at funerals.

On the agenda: Vulcan, jazz and transit

New Birmingham, Alabama logoThis morning’s Birmingham City Council agenda is the longest in some time, consisting of some 44 pages.

Item 21 asks the Council to approve an amendment to their contract with the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority (better known to most of us as MAX). It would allow the council to provide up to an additional $3 million to the cash-strapped agency, increasing their allocation to more than $8 million. The routes and hours are to be established by the City Council Transportation Committee.

Item 28 gives us a first glance at the Jazz in the Park Concerts sponsored by Magic City Smooth Jazz. The free concerts would be held every Sunday from July 4-25, 2010 at several locations throughout the city. The item includes the city agreeing to provide up to $10,000 towards the cost of the series.

Item 33 allows The Big Guy atop Red Mountain to have some necessary repair work done to his pedestal. Vulcan Painters of Bessemer submitted the low (and only) bid of $27,672 and acceptance of the item allows repair work to the pedestal to proceed.

The meetings are streamed live via the city’s website and archived.

UPDATE: Scrollworks needs our help

UPDATE: 10.1.2008, 6:15 p.m. Good news…

UPDATE: 10.1.2008, 4 p.m., We’ve received word that things may be getting worked out. We’d still encourage anyone who can to attend Saturday’s performance.

Scrollworks needs our help with regards to this weekend’s planned performance and educational session by Barrage. There’s a chance that it may not be able to happen. Find out more over on my Birmingham.