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On the agenda: ClasTran and neighborhoods

Official flag of the City of BirminghamIt’s a short Birmingham City Council agenda this morning but its impact could be incredible during this last week of 2010 (It’s only 5 pages).

Item 3 would make $121,500 from the city’s general fund available to ClasTran to help reduce a budget shortfall. This action was promised earlier this month by Mayor Bell, meaning that the city will fulfill its financial obligation. There is still some issue with what the Jefferson County Commission will do and where the additional funds will come from.

The folks in North Pratt will finally have their neighborhood election results certified by the city if Item 11 is approved this morning. Officers for all of the city’s 99 neighborhoods serve two year terms, meaning we’ll have our next set of elections in 2012. The Fountain Heights neighborhood will be able to erect a new neighborhood entrance sign 18th Street North near 16th Court North, adding to the signs popping up throughout the Magic City.

What happens? It wrapped before 10:30 a.m. so you’ll have to check out the video archive.

On the agenda: Rowdy clubs get noticed

Official flag of the City of BirminghamThere is not a lot that jumps out at you at first glance when you look over this morning’s Birmingham City Council agenda, well, not necessarily…

The council is preparing to take action based on an earlier pledge to deal with some of the rowdier clubs in the city. The revocation of the Continental Ballroom‘s license is Item 1 – front and center. According to this report in The Birmingham News last month, there have been 101 incidents at the club in the past year.

Other items:

Item 14 establishes new seats on the city’s Benefits Review Committee, sure to be a result of the continuing budget process taking place. Item 15 provides $25,000 to Vulcan Bike Week at the Birmingham Race Course (incidentally starting tomorrow and running through July 3). Item 16 makes investments in the infrastructure of two of the city’s cultural institutions, the Birmingham Museum of Art (chiller and alarm system) and Sloss Furnaces.

The meeting starts at 9:30 a.m. and you can watch live (or archived) via the city’s website.

On the agenda: Vulcan, jazz and transit

New Birmingham, Alabama logoThis morning’s Birmingham City Council agenda is the longest in some time, consisting of some 44 pages.

Item 21 asks the Council to approve an amendment to their contract with the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority (better known to most of us as MAX). It would allow the council to provide up to an additional $3 million to the cash-strapped agency, increasing their allocation to more than $8 million. The routes and hours are to be established by the City Council Transportation Committee.

Item 28 gives us a first glance at the Jazz in the Park Concerts sponsored by Magic City Smooth Jazz. The free concerts would be held every Sunday from July 4-25, 2010 at several locations throughout the city. The item includes the city agreeing to provide up to $10,000 towards the cost of the series.

Item 33 allows The Big Guy atop Red Mountain to have some necessary repair work done to his pedestal. Vulcan Painters of Bessemer submitted the low (and only) bid of $27,672 and acceptance of the item allows repair work to the pedestal to proceed.

The meetings are streamed live via the city’s website and archived.

On the agenda: Langford reccommends cutting ONB budget

ONB 50th anniversary logo - yourcitycenter.comMost of the time when Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford makes an announcement, you’re never quite sure of what he means exactly. Take this morning for example when he casually spoke of cutting funding for Operation New Birmingham and moved on the next subject.

Needless to say this was a bit of an eyebrow raiser, but recognizing the potential for a conversation we sent out this tweet:

Mayor Langford suggests that ONB be included in new Chamber/MDB/Region 20202 reorganization.”

Yes, we did notice the typo. Aside from that the local media had been pretty quite until now… This article posted by The Birmingham News  removes any doubt about whether the mayor meant what he said. No official comments have been made by ONB, but considering that they received $450,000 in city funds last year, this could be a serious blow.

Image: ONB 50th anniversary logo.

On the agenda: Construction abound

A quick look over this morning’s Birmingham City Council agenda would not necessarily make you think of construction. However, it signals a great deal of construction and growth for the city, once you get down to the introduction and first readings section of today’s agenda.

A great deal of the items focus on the Ensley neighborhood. Item 19 provides $900,000 to move forward with plans to renovate and stabilize the Ramsay-McCormack Building in the Ensley neighborhood. Item 20 provides for $2 million to be used from the city’s Capital Improvement Fund to assist in completing the HOPE VI Tuxedo Court development in Ensley. Item 32 suggests that the scope of work associated with the project will now include a public park and developing a portion of the Ensley Trail.

Item 24 lets Mayor Langford provide $25,000 towards the $1 million commitment to Sloss Furnaces‘ new visitors center, with Item 28 allowing him to execute the project development contract.

There’s more, after the jump:

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The reason for the paratransit stall

Remember yesterday’s On the agenda post? Well, according to sources, some City Council members said they needed extra time to determine whether the $1.7 million paratransit expenditure would be deducted from the BJCTA’s FY2009 operating budget or would be in addition to that amount, leading to a two-week delay on the item.

Well, I’m in New York City and I’ve got an interesting (or frustrating) take on it – check it out over on My Birmingham.