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On the agenda: Langford reccommends cutting ONB budget

ONB 50th anniversary logo - yourcitycenter.comMost of the time when Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford makes an announcement, you’re never quite sure of what he means exactly. Take this morning for example when he casually spoke of cutting funding for¬†Operation New Birmingham and moved on the next subject.

Needless to say this was a bit of an eyebrow raiser, but recognizing the potential for a conversation we sent out this tweet:

Mayor Langford suggests that ONB be included in new Chamber/MDB/Region 20202 reorganization.”

Yes, we did notice the typo. Aside from that the local media had been pretty quite until now… This article posted by The Birmingham News ¬†removes any doubt about whether the mayor meant what he said. No official comments have been made by ONB, but considering that they received $450,000 in city funds last year, this could be a serious blow.

Image: ONB 50th anniversary logo.

Mercedes Benz announces plant reductions

We’ve learned that Mercedes Benz’ Vance plant has announced that their Plant 1 will be going to one shift, cutting all second shift work. They’ve also announced that Plant 2 will run both shifts but reduced volume and that some of the employees at the facility have been offered a $45,000 buyout with an additional $1,000 for every year they’ve worked there. Those that have been offered the buyut have 10 days to make their decision.

We’ll provide more information as it becomes available.