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Local television stations live stream Shuttlesworth funeral

This Monday morning sees large crowds gathering at Faith Chapel Christian Center on Birmingham’s west side for the public funeral service for and celebration of the life of Rev. Fred. L. Shuttlesworth. The civil rights leader died on October 5.

Those unable to get to the service can watch it online via webcasts available from each of the major television network stations in town.

The service is also being broadcast on most of those station’s primary digital stations. The order of service is also available for reference (though some changes have been made due in part to the shoulder injury sustained by Sephira Shuttlesworth on October 23).

Phelps’s son says enough hate as local protest nears

A special report on last night’s Nightline was significant considering what’s scheduled to happen tomorrow morning locally.

Members of Westboro Baptist Church are currently planning to protest during the funeral of Marine Lance Cpl. Thomas E. Rivers, Jr. at Briarwood Presbyterian Church (map) tomorrow morning. Those interested in shielding mourners from the protesters will want to check out this Facebook event and share it with those that may be able to attend and help.

One person says that this pattern of hate needs to stop – the son of church founder Fred Phelps.

Nate Phelps spoke with the ABC News program last night about abuse at the hands of his father as a child, the reason why he left home nearly 30 years ago. He also spoke about his opinions on the case before the Supreme Court that will determine whether the fundamentalist church will be allowed to continue protesting at funerals.