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Π is nice

Terminal bday logoToday, The Terminal turns Pi (or 3.14). I’d be using the symbol but our font of choice is being finicky. There are so many things going on this evening that my game plan is to head over to The Bottletree by 4 p.m. (probably sooner) and hang out for a while. Hopefully you’ve got a moment to stop by and say hello.

On a related topic, there has never been a reader’s poll for The Terminal, though it was becoming obvious that we needed to conduct one. Thankfully, the folks at the Reynolds Journalism Institute would like for our readers to participate in this user survey specific to the site. The results submitted by our visitors will be supplied to us and included in an overall study of online local news sites.

I’d ask that you be as honest as humanly possible as it’s part of a plan to determine how best to serve the folks traveling along with us and how this site can best serve you. I’ve got some other thoughts about it and the whole local media ecosystem over on my Birmingham today.

Anyone interested in photowalking?

Birmingham Skyline, Southern Pixel/FlickrThere seems to be a renewed interest in capturing snapshots of Birmingham’s daily activities. Scott Schablow has recently tweeted about wanting to reorganize a lunchtime photowalking group (contact him directly if you’re interested) while the Magic City Flickr Group started sharing their photo of the day via the popular microblogging network.

We’re even using the photos submitted via Flickr to our Terminal Flickr Group as part of our Late Arrivals post at the end of the day (we’re adding another way to submit photos to the site tomorrow). There are several photo blogs in metro Birmingham as well – so why not add the names and URLs of those sites to the comments section…

Photo: Birmingham Skyline. Southernpixel/Flickr

We’re looking for a few good contributors

We’re always looking for folks to add their voice to this website. It’s become a top priority now as we prepare to turn 3 in a few weeks (March 14 to be exact). I’m interested in what needs to happen next as we prepare the site to see its fourth year. I’ve got a few ideas and there’s been some interest shown in getting a few of them off the ground, but the most important thing to do right now is expand the number of voices speaking from the pages of this website.

So I’ll be at Shift Workspace in downtown Birmingham (directions) this Thursday evening, February 25 ready to talk to anyone who’s interested in what the plans are for the site starting at 5:30 p.m.

If you’re looking for guidelines, we’ve got a few of them, but they are also under review right now. If you plan on attending or are interested in picking my brain just a little more about some of the crazy ideas I’ve got, drop me a line via Twitter (@acnatta) or via email (andre[at]bhamterminal[dot]com).

BTW – If you’ve got any ideas about how we should be celebrating three years next month, pass them along too.

Help us shift gears starting tonight

We’re going to host a meeting this evening (Tuesday, June 2) at 5:30 p.m.upstairs at Shift WorkSpace (@2308 2nd Avenue North) for those interested in contributing to bhamterminal.com in all of the ways that you can think of (writing, photography, video, audio, etc.). 

We’ll talk a little bit about the direction that the site plans to go in the next few months and about interest in some long term projects that we’d like to implement. Plus, you get to see our new offices. You’ll want to come in through the door to the right of the main entrance. 

If you’ve got any questions in advance, drop us a line at info@bhamterminal.com.