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Taking a look at Sloss Metals Arts’ future

Sloss-in-the-distanceSaturday morning (December 17)  will find local metal artists, enthusiasts and some just plain curious at historic Sloss Furnaces to take part in a conversation about the future of the historic site’s metal arts program.

The meeting, starting at 10:30 a.m., is the result of a recently made announcement about the retooling and re-evaluation via a press release dated December 9. We’ve learned that the meeting is scheduled to be available for viewing online live tomorrow via the program’s new Livestream channel.

The changes would not affect the public outreach component of the program, scheduled to resume in March 2012, including workshops, internships and iron pours, though we have learned that some of the full time positions will be replaced with fellowships that will be offered to artists from around the world. We look forward to updating with additional information if necessary tomorrow.

On the agenda: WiFi and vacation (of alleys)

This morning’s Birmingham City Council agenda is only 30 pages long (yes, I said only) but it fits a lot in there.

Item 24 supports an effort to pursue federal funds that would allow the city to provide free wireless internet access throughout. NO word on when the

new Woodlawn United Methodist Church DesignItem 26 will set an August 31 public hearing to determine whether or not “a fence and gate can be placed across 27th Place South blocking vehicular access to Hanover Circle from St. Vincent’s Hospital.” while Item 27 will set a second public hearing on that date to determine if a second unimproved lot will be vacated to allow Woodlawn United Methodist Church to build a new structure (pictured to your left) to replace the one lost to a fire last spring. Both moves have been recommended by a council committee.

The meeting’s going right now (and is available archived) on the city’s website as is the agenda.

We take a look at coworking tonight in Woodlawn

Beaufort Coworking. khawkins04/FlickrAre you interested in seeing if coworking is right for you? Want to learn more about the options that currently exist in Birmingham, AL and the metropolitan area? Do you want to help us determine how or if coworking can fit into a vision of a physical home for The Terminal?

These and other questions will be the focus of a meeting taking place tonight in the Woodlawn neighborhood at Woodrow Hall (directions). We’re teaming with Main Street Birmingham to host this BYOB networking event from 6-7:30 p.m. Networking starts a 6 p.m.; the program at 6:30 p.m.

This is a follow-up from our coworking interest survey from this spring (which we’ve re-opened for those who are now learning about it). We’ve shared the results on a special section of the site as well as a video featuring some of coworking’s pioneers explaining exactly what it is that makes it different from just sharing office space.

We’re looking forward to seeing some of you there tonight (or hearing from you via the survey)!

Photo: Beaufort Coworking. khawkins04/Flickr

On the agenda: Sloss and travel

There are really two items on this week’s Birmingham City Council agenda that may be of significant interest to you:

Item 24 allows Alabama Power the right to do the necessary work to power Sloss Furnaces‘ proposed (and long-awaited) visitors center. It’s currently on consent.

Item 36 is an interesting one on today’s agenda. It is a resolution to pay no more than $2,000 to the Neighborhoods USA Conference taking place in Little Rock, AR later this month.

Based on the late registration fee for the conference, this allocation would cover the costs of no more than 10 delegates’ attendance and would not include transportation to and from the conference. Birmingham historically sends the largest delegation to the conference (it normally includes a representative from each of the city’s 99 neighborhoods). Several of our previous mayors have tried to reduce the number of delegates attending so that the money spent on that trip could instead be used for neighborhood projects. Neighborhoods normally used their allocated funds to cover the registration costs of the trip.

What is the future of coworking in Birmingham?

Shift Workspace Bob Farley/f8PhotoThe hope for the meeting taking place this evening at Shift Workspace starting at 6 p.m. is to answer the question of if there is a future for coworking in Birmingham, AL. The collaborative space opened to much fanfare (and media coverage) last May. We’ve maintained a desk in the space for several months and are considered an anchor tenant, originally hoping to use it for a series of conversations about issues affecting the city.

This January however, a post on the site quietly announced an initial decision to downsize and move the concept of the space to Austin, TX. A recent article in the Birmingham Business Journal revealed that the location would most likely close when its lease is up, though some of the members are trying to see if they will be able to keep the idea alive (whether it be there or elsewhere in the city), hence why they’re meeting tonight.

The hope is to see if the city’s tech and creative communities want a space and, if so, what’s needed to make it useful for them. Come on out and share your thoughts.

Photo: Bob Farley/f8Photo

We’re looking for a few good contributors

We’re always looking for folks to add their voice to this website. It’s become a top priority now as we prepare to turn 3 in a few weeks (March 14 to be exact). I’m interested in what needs to happen next as we prepare the site to see its fourth year. I’ve got a few ideas and there’s been some interest shown in getting a few of them off the ground, but the most important thing to do right now is expand the number of voices speaking from the pages of this website.

So I’ll be at Shift Workspace in downtown Birmingham (directions) this Thursday evening, February 25 ready to talk to anyone who’s interested in what the plans are for the site starting at 5:30 p.m.

If you’re looking for guidelines, we’ve got a few of them, but they are also under review right now. If you plan on attending or are interested in picking my brain just a little more about some of the crazy ideas I’ve got, drop me a line via Twitter (@acnatta) or via email (andre[at]bhamterminal[dot]com).

BTW – If you’ve got any ideas about how we should be celebrating three years next month, pass them along too.

101 Ideas for Birmingham? Maybe

101 Birmingham logoTonight will be the first meeting of 101 Birmingham (which should not be confused with the Birmingham 101 website across the pond).

They describe themselves as “an open-source collaborative developing innovative and visionary solutions to improve the urban experience in Birmingham”  that are seeking answers to one question, “Birmingham would be a better place if….”

They hope to produce a list of 101 actual suggestions for improving Birmingham with areas of focus that are similar to those of several organizations that currently exist in the city and share that list online for all to see, collaborate and offer suggestions on. The organizers hope that they can create an environment and a gathering place, virtual or otherwise, to share these ideas openly instead of  “hoarded.”

The meeting will be at Woodrow Hall in the city’s Woodlawn neighborhood starting at 7 p.m. Pavo Magazine has some additional information.