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101 Ideas for Birmingham? Maybe

101 Birmingham logoTonight will be the first meeting of 101 Birmingham (which should not be confused with the Birmingham 101 website across the pond).

They describe themselves as “an open-source collaborative developing innovative and visionary solutions to improve the urban experience in Birmingham”  that are seeking answers to one question, “Birmingham would be a better place if….”

They hope to produce a list of 101 actual suggestions for improving Birmingham with areas of focus that are similar to those of several organizations that currently exist in the city and share that list online for all to see, collaborate and offer suggestions on. The organizers hope that they can create an environment and a gathering place, virtual or otherwise, to share these ideas openly instead of  “hoarded.”

The meeting will be at Woodrow Hall in the city’s Woodlawn neighborhood starting at 7 p.m. Pavo Magazine has some additional information.

There’s a push for a Trader Joe’s

trader_joes… and I do mean a push. Fans of Trader Joe’s in metro Birmingham are leading an effort to get the Monrovia, CA-based company to put a location here. They’ve created a Facebook group to hopefully get the attention of the privately held business. The group is starting to grow – it’s sitting at 129 members as this post is written, with folks in the group leaning towards the store’s placement on the city’s east side, particularly Woodlawn or Crestwood. One of the distribution centers is in Atlanta, so apparently it wouldn’t be that big of a stretch… Plus it would give folks another option if they were able to buy gourmet beer after tomorrow’s vote.

If you’re interested, join the group or contact Trader Joe’s using their website’s email submission function.