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Help Sojourns continue its journey

Sojourns GoFund screenshotMelissa Kendrick and her store, Sojourns, need Birmingham’s help. Long before cups of coffee were being poured at Urban Standard or folks were sitting down to a cold one at all of the trendy bars gracing downtown Birmingham, she took a chance in 2005 and opened what is arguably one of the first businesses to be truly part of the city center’s revival.

According to the GoFundMe campaign set up by Max Blalock on Tuesday afternoon, a¬†sewer line at her house collapse¬†that is not covered by her homeowners insurance policy is placing Kendrick in a financial bind. While a status update on Facebook let us know she’s secured a part-time job, perhaps sharing the link to the page and seeing just how close she might be able to get to the goal would help too.

Incidentally, she’s also going to need some volunteers for an upcoming fashion show benefiting the Rape Response program at the Crisis Center…

Show your East Lake pride

Some of you may vaguely remember our post about the Keep East Lake Weird campaign back in January. Well, residents have finally found a way to let everyone know just how proud they are about living in the community and its potential.

East Lake Apparel and Gifts is now up and live on the Interwebs giving you access with mugs, t-shirts (even Christmas ornaments).

There’s a push for a Trader Joe’s

trader_joes… and I do mean a push. Fans of Trader Joe’s in metro Birmingham are leading an effort to get the Monrovia, CA-based company to put a location here. They’ve created a Facebook group to hopefully get the attention of the privately held business. The group is starting to grow – it’s sitting at 129 members as this post is written, with folks in the group leaning towards the store’s placement on the city’s east side, particularly Woodlawn or Crestwood. One of the distribution centers is in Atlanta, so apparently it wouldn’t be that big of a stretch… Plus it would give folks another option if they were able to buy gourmet beer after tomorrow’s vote.

If you’re interested, join the group or contact Trader Joe’s using their website’s email submission function.

Terminal Ts are available on the site

Some of you may have stumbled across our clothing options on Zazzle.com (and we don’t plan on taking that down yet) but we realized that we wanted to offer our shirt for a little less. So if you haven’t been on the site we know you haven’t seen this new ad in the far right column yet:

Terminal T ad

We are currently offering Black Terminal Ts through the site on our new The Store page with prices starting at $14.

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