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We take a look at coworking tonight in Woodlawn

Beaufort Coworking. khawkins04/FlickrAre you interested in seeing if coworking is right for you? Want to learn more about the options that currently exist in Birmingham, AL and the metropolitan area? Do you want to help us determine how or if coworking can fit into a vision of a physical home for The Terminal?

These and other questions will be the focus of a meeting taking place tonight in the Woodlawn neighborhood at Woodrow Hall (directions). We’re teaming with Main Street Birmingham to host this BYOB networking event from 6-7:30 p.m. Networking starts a 6 p.m.; the program at 6:30 p.m.

This is a follow-up from our coworking interest survey from this spring (which we’ve re-opened for those who are now learning about it). We’ve shared the results on a special section of the site as well as a video featuring some of coworking’s pioneers explaining exactly what it is that makes it different from just sharing office space.

We’re looking forward to seeing some of you there tonight (or hearing from you via the survey)!

Photo: Beaufort Coworking. khawkins04/Flickr

Creative collaborative community – that’s the plan

Today I’m starting to test the waters virtually to determine whether or not we’ll open our own office later this summer. The space would double as a coworking community for some of the city’s creatives and a physical home for us to host events related to content on the site.

There’s a new section in the process of being built out that currently has a post explaining what’s on my mind (at least, the first of many that will explain) as well as a survey that will help us determine if we can responsibly move forward with the process. The new section will also be used this spring and summer to help folks get a better understanding about just what coworking is and take a look at some of the other coworking communities taking shape in Birmingham.

The hope for the short term is that those of you that are freelancers and solopreneurs (and potential sponsors) will consider filling out the survey and passing the link on to as many people as possible.

We’ll keep you updated on what’s going on.

Party at Shift WorkSpace tonight!

shift_work_space_logo1The paint’s dry, the furniture’s assembled and the front door is ready to be open to visitors at Shift WorkSpace this evening. One of Alabama’s first coworking space (and our new offline home) will host a grand opening event tonight (May 28) beginning at 5 p.m. The space and its founder, Drew Jones, has garnered a great deal of press recently, including a follow up brief about tonight’s opening in the BBJ and a story in today’s edition of The Birmingham News (it’s in the business section). There’s still time to RSVP, though at this point, you may just want to come on over and see what the excitement’s about.

An “off-line” home for The Terminal

shift101_0628Our sole Newsstand post on Friday alluded (and eluded) to some news about the site being made yesterday morning. Well, that news is intertwined with this bit:

A short time ago, a lease was to have been signed for 2308 2nd Avenue North. This was the first step in opening a coworking space in Birmingham, AL. The Terminal is set to be an anchor tenant in the space, to be called Shift Coworking, once it opens later this spring. The space will be managed by Shift 101, a consulting firm with folks based here in the city.

It is hoping to be open as early as mid-April. The Terminal’s talked about some of the coworking groups that have formed in Birmingham in recent months and this appears to be the next logical step in the local movement. We’re looking foward to the opportunities that a physical office provides, including the chance to start our long planned speakers series (among other things). That’s why we’ve asked the question that we did today over on Magic City Question.

In short, it allows us to one thing that will undoubtedly be necessary as social media moves forward – provide a physical home for where the conversations can take place off-line. I explain over on My Birmingham.

Photo: Bob Farley/f8Photo