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Where does Birmingham Instagram?

herefeed screenshotInstagram is still a major player in our local online media consumption in Birmingham, AL. The folks behind InstagramBham do a really great job of making sure those active on the service in the community are connected. They’ve definitely continued to grow since our original brief on them in 2012. Perhaps a tool like HereFeed will help them discover even more people.

The San Diego, CA, web-based service just launched this month, receiving coverage from the likes of Fast Company, The Daily Dot, and all those Curbed websites. Its capturing interest because of its ability to provide real-time tracking of uploads to the popular photo-sharing service.

The pink bubbles grow as more people upload geo-tagged photos. You’re able to see the images if you either click on the bubbles or scroll down. Users may toggle between “top” and “recent” maps as well, though the rawness of real-time means some images, though public, may not be suitable for work. Plus, you’ll need to enable your web browser to share its location to take full advantage if you check the site out on a non-mobile device.

The Daily Dot reminded its readers of the existence of an iPhone app, Skedadel, that isn’t as focused on real-time. The folks at FC give us a bit more background as we learn the project’s creator, a former vice president of social products at MySpace and a founder of Science, Inc. (a company focused on funding, developing and advising “companies focused on solving the everyday problems of modern living”) named Ryan Sit has been working on this for some time. It provides only a glimpse of what could be possible for the delivery of information in our location-based world.


Instagrams of Birmingham? There’s an online home for them

instagrambham badgeSome who’ve been online in Birmingham, AL for a while probably remember the Magic City Flickr Group. It still exists (with more than 20,600 photos and 800+ members as of this digital entry) as does The Terminal‘s Flickr Group, Birmingham Weekly‘s SEEN pool, and a profile maintained by Weld for Birmingham.

Well there appears to be a new and growing group of individuals who’ve turned to the popular photo sharing app Instagram to expose themselves and others to images of Alabama’s largest city. Instagram Birmingham lives entirely online; its Twitter profile only has 10 followers (& it hasn’t said anything… yet), but its brand page on Facebook currently has 80 people sharing what they’ve been able to capture digitally – with that number only able to go up.

The group connects using the hashtag #instagrambham when sharing their images on Twitter. Local fans of the smartphone app have gathered in person before as well, including back in March as part of the first annual Instagram International Photowalk. Incidentally, our namesake in the UK is preparing to hold one their own on July 26 as part of the next international photowalk that weekend.

Maybe we’ll learn some more about how our folks plan on taking part soon?

Anyone interested in photowalking?

Birmingham Skyline, Southern Pixel/FlickrThere seems to be a renewed interest in capturing snapshots of Birmingham’s daily activities. Scott Schablow has recently tweeted about wanting to reorganize a lunchtime photowalking group (contact him directly if you’re interested) while the Magic City Flickr Group started sharing their photo of the day via the popular microblogging network.

We’re even using the photos submitted via Flickr to our Terminal Flickr Group as part of our Late Arrivals post at the end of the day (we’re adding another way to submit photos to the site tomorrow). There are several photo blogs in metro Birmingham as well – so why not add the names and URLs of those sites to the comments section…

Photo: Birmingham Skyline. Southernpixel/Flickr

Photos from the bridge crossing Jubilee

Untitled by Lynsey Weatherspoon. Special to bhamterminal.comThis weekend crowds gathered in Selma, AL the annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee. The event is held every year to commemorate the events of Bloody Sunday on Selma’s Edmund Pettis Bridge during the first of the Selma to Montgomery marches. This year, a Terminal reader decided to become a contributor and document the events of the weekend for us. Please click here and view the images submitted by Lynsey Weatherspoon (and take a moment to thank her in the comments section for sharing them with us).

UPDATE: 2.26.2010 – Lynsey’s website has been relocated and she’s chosen to share her photos with Pavo Magazine. Head on over and check them out.

Photo: Untitled. Lynsey Weatherspoon. Special to

Take photos of what’s IN

The IN Birmingham campaign’s been making a lot of folks in the area consider just what that means and how to record it. Libby’s been filling us in on what some of the results have been from the nominations that were collected (here’s her current post), now the folks over at a new Birmingham area photoblog are asking folks to submit photos to their site.

And while there are currently several photos in the Magic City Flickr Group as well as our own Terminal Flickr Group, the more places these photos are shared, particularly when associated with this question, the better!

An opportunity for area photographers

We got an earlier this afternoon about an opportunity for photographers. (We would have gotten it up then, but as you can probably tell if you’re reading us on the front page, we were a little busy Smile).

Apparently a client of o2 ideas is looking for a photograph to be used as a poster backdrop for a cultural training meeting. The image needs to “capture” Alabama and Georgia because that is where these specific employees work and live. For this particular project they want a “nature” image that encapsulates the “Southern Experience”. Pictures can be from any season and do not need to include people or animals.

Submission guidelines after the jump…

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Annual Photo Flea Market, Shades Valley Camera Club

Buy, sell or trade photographic equipment and at the annual photo flea market sale, held after the monthly meeting of the Shades Valley Camera Club. Bring your check book, equipment for sell/trade, and a shopping list of items you specifically need – you just may find them at the event! Due to space limitations, if you have large items for sale, please bring pictures and a price list.

Cost: $0

Homewood Public Library
1721 Oxmoor Road (directions)