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Knowledge abundant in The Magic City

Birmingham was recently included in a Forbes Magazine list of the nation’s biggest brain magnets – it’s on the list at number six.

While that result shocked some (maybe some of the same folks still in shock about UAB’s NCAA tournament selection) visitors to BhamWiki really weren’t. The volunteer-built virtual archive of the city’s history (whose creator John Morse is still an occasional contributor to this site) is celebrating its fifth anniversary today.

mental floss logoAnother reason to not necessarily doubt the ranking is the success of mental_floss magazine. Yesterday’s announcement of its sale to magazine publisher Felix Dennis was the first time many learned (or realized) that the magazine is based in The Magic City (their offices are on Southside) or that one of the founders, Will Pearson, is from Hoover.

Neither one of these fine establishments are going anywhere anytime soon, but that’s no reason to not go ahead and check them out.

Franklin Biggs sells Homewood Gourmet

Franklin BiggsFranklin Biggs has sold the Homewood Gourmet to Chris and Laura Zapalowski. The popular chef announced the decision via Facebook and the front page of the Homewood Gourmet’s website on May 14, with The Birmingham News doing a story the next day.

Biggs has been undergoing treatment for throat cancer since January and as a result of treatment, he has lost his sense of taste. He is scheduled to complete radiation treatment on June 25.

According to Biggs’ note, fans of the Homewood Gourmet will be in good hands. Both Zapalowskis have experience in the kitchen; Laura once worked for Biggs while attending Samford University. The couple relocated to Birmingham after Hurricane Katrina and have both been working for Chris Hastings at Hot and Hot Fish Club (Chris as Chef de Cuisine and Laura doing editing and recipe testing on Hastings’ cookbook).

We’re just wondering about the next time he decides to make Baby Blue Salad in the back of a pickup truck.

It’s National Cheesecake Day!

So after figuring out that there weren’t that many fans of Bennigan’s or Steak and Ale in town, we think that this post could definitely cause some additional traffic at The Summit this evening. The Cheesecake Factory turns 30 years old today – coincidentally they happen to share their anniversary with what’s recognized as National Cheesecake Day (yes, there seems to be a day for everything).

If you dine in tonight at The Cheesecake Factory, you’ll be able to get one slice of cheesecake per person for $1.50 – the price it would have cost back in 1978! Considering the average price for a slice is $8, we’re thinking this could be a steal…

Annual Photo Flea Market, Shades Valley Camera Club

Buy, sell or trade photographic equipment and at the annual photo flea market sale, held after the monthly meeting of the Shades Valley Camera Club. Bring your check book, equipment for sell/trade, and a shopping list of items you specifically need – you just may find them at the event! Due to space limitations, if you have large items for sale, please bring pictures and a price list.

Cost: $0

Homewood Public Library
1721 Oxmoor Road (directions)

Phillips Academy Fundraiser and Gallery Art Sale, 2216 2nd Avenue North

Artwork created by 14 local artists as well as students at Phillips Academy will be available for sale. The gallery being used for the show, a private downtown loft residence, will feature antique automobiles as props.

All proceeds from the sales made that afternoon will benefit Phillips Academy’s art department. For more information, contact Sandy Tilt, 205.616.6195 or sandytilt@aol.com.

Cost: $10 donation at the door (money will go to Phillips Academy)

2216 2nd Avenue North (directions)