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Alabamians seem to like their USA Today

forbes-interactive-media-mapThe first edition of Forbes Magazine‘s interactive media map shows that Alabama – and the rest of the southeastern United States – seems to be most influenced online by news reports from USA Today. That finding might surprise some of you out there. It won’t after a quick explanation of the methodology.

The map, scheduled to be updated monthly, takes a look at those links shared using website URL shortener bit.ly at a higher average rate than the rest of the country. While it doesn’t seem to take into consideration that some news organizations use their own shorteners – or even a different service – it does help folks get a better idea at exactly what’s influencing where while backing up some long held beliefs.

We’ll see how the map changes in the coming months (provided it’s a habit that wants to be changed by area residents).

Knowledge abundant in The Magic City

Birmingham was recently included in a Forbes Magazine list of the nation’s biggest brain magnets – it’s on the list at number six.

While that result shocked some (maybe some of the same folks still in shock about UAB’s NCAA tournament selection) visitors to BhamWiki really weren’t. The volunteer-built virtual archive of the city’s history (whose creator John Morse is still an occasional contributor to this site) is celebrating its fifth anniversary today.

mental floss logoAnother reason to not necessarily doubt the ranking is the success of mental_floss magazine. Yesterday’s announcement of its sale to magazine publisher Felix Dennis was the first time many learned (or realized) that the magazine is based in The Magic City (their offices are on Southside) or that one of the founders, Will Pearson, is from Hoover.

Neither one of these fine establishments are going anywhere anytime soon, but that’s no reason to not go ahead and check them out.