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Alabamians seem to like their USA Today

forbes-interactive-media-mapThe first edition of Forbes Magazine‘s interactive media map shows that Alabama – and the rest of the southeastern United States – seems to be most influenced online by news reports from USA Today. That finding might surprise some of you out there. It won’t after a quick explanation of the methodology.

The map, scheduled to be updated monthly, takes a look at those links shared using website URL shortener bit.ly at a higher average rate than the rest of the country. While it doesn’t seem to take into consideration that some news organizations use their own shorteners – or even a different service – it does help folks get a better idea at exactly what’s influencing where while backing up some long held beliefs.

We’ll see how the map changes in the coming months (provided it’s a habit that wants to be changed by area residents).

New editor, website for Birmingham Weekly

Birmingham Weekly logoBirmingham Weekly has named a permanent replacement for former editor Glenny Brock, who left the paper earlier this year. Sam George is set to be formally introduced at the Weekly’s new managing editor next month; he posted this farewell to readers of bham.fm earlier today.

Media of Birmingham has an interview with Sam on their site. George most recently served as an editor and web designer for bham.fm. Some of you may also remember Sam as one of the original contributors to this website’s Timetable section.

His formal introduction in the print edition will coincide with a relaunch of the Weekly‘s website, possibly this Thursday. For those interested in a sneak peek, we’ve been able to secure a screenshot of the redesigned website.

Time to visit the Real Housewives of Birmingham

Real Housewives of Birmingham cover - May 2010The current issue of Real Housewives of Birmingham has been unveiled. You’ve got to click the link we just shared to check it out, since it’s an online only publication.

Its creators describe the site on its Twitter profile as a “Birmingham, AL webazine for the housewives and workwives of the metro area.”

The publication includes features and a monthly events calendar.

Last night they sent out a tweet suggesting that they wanted to collect 500 hits before Mother’s Day this weekend. It sounds like a realistic goal – and a great excuse to head on over to the site and check it out.

Screenshot from realhousewivesbham.com.

Travelogue: Coverage after the Langford verdict

Larry Langford at the BJCC. Bob Farley/f8PhotoWord of the guilty verdict against former Birmingham mayor Larry Langford has spread through the media in the last 20+ hours. This would include a story filed last night during NPR‘s All Things Consideredthis report turned in by The New York Times‘ Shaila Dewan (it was on page 19 of Section A); this piece filed by HULIQ.com; even The Huffington Post decided to add their voice to the coverage. Bloomberg News chimed in too – along with the folks from WAFF sharing WBRC’s story with visitors to their website.

But wait, there’s more…

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Bham News’ owner says ‘no layoff’ policy ends in February

Earlier today Editor & Publisher reported that the parent company of Birmingham’s daily newspaper (The Birmingham News), Advance Publications, let their staffers at their numerous newspapers know that the company’s long-standing “no layoff” policy was going to be no more as of February 2010.

Local media blog Media of Birmingham is reporting that employees with at least five years at the paper were offered buyouts with the news being shared by Wade Kwon via Twitter this afternoon.

Former Lipstick editor wins awards

We figured with all of the talk about skirt! that we needed to let you know what was up with one the folks who used to be at Lipstick.

Laurel Mills was no doubt ecstatic last month when the winners of the 59th annual Green Eyeshade Awards, were announced. The awards are given out by the Society of Professional Journalists and acknowledge excellence in journalism in 11 Southeastern states. This year there were 17 finalists from Alabama; Mills won two of the awards in the Print – Nondaily Division for pieces written while she was serving as the managing editor of Lipstick Magazine, which folded in February 2009.

Serious commentary award for “Lauren,” published in the magazine’s May 2008 issue.

Humorous commentary award for “This One Time at Camp …,” published in the magazine’s July 2008 issue.

Langford criticizes the media

bjcc_larry_langford_0028Mayor Larry Langford made an appearance at The University of Alabama on Monday evening only two hours after having surgery and proceeded to offer very candid comments about the media, politics and race both regionally and nationally. While The Birmingham News‘ account in Tuesday’s paper provided an overview of the event, the account provided by The Crimson White‘s senior reporter shows that the former Fox 6 television reporter did not mince his words.

The presentation, Race, Politics and the Media in the Age of Obama, was hosted by the Capstone Association of Black Journalists and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Photo: Bob Farley/f8Photo