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Plans afoot for a makerspace?

MakerSpace Urbana, Feb-2012There’s an online survey being conducted by some folks attempting to gauge interest in opening a makerspace here in metro Birmingham. Also known as hackerspaces, they’ve gained increased popularity in recent years here in the United States.

They are normally facilities that can resemble workshops where members have access to the equipment and space necessary to pursue whatever creative interests they might have. Classes may also be offered as opportunities to learn about and develop new skills. The landing page for the survey suggests while the organizers are envisioning a facility, they may start out offering a web-based resource that allows for organizing classes in the area.

It would actually be the second known attempt at establishing such a space in Birmingham in recent years. Local coworking space Sparkbox used to host makerspace sessions in their original home on the city’s Southside.

A link to the eight-question survey has been shared on Facebook by Jared Fulton – a status update where he included the space or concept “will be about developing and cultivating Birmingham’s growing community of makers and creatives.”

Interested in learning more about the concept? There was a phone number included in the post – Bruce Lanier’s (222-8226). You can also check out what’s been described as the international directory for the hackerspace movement. There’s also this site making the connection between making and education.

Photo: MakerSpace Urbana, Feb-2012maltman23/Flickr.

last car, 6.1.2011

sunflowers at Railroad Park

Photo: sunflowers at Railroad Park. Dystopos/Flickr.

last car, 5.31.2011

The Mighty Wurlitzer at the Alabama

Photo: The Mighty Wurlitzer at The Alabama Theatre. acnatta/Flickr

In case you’re planning to renew your car tag today…

The line outside of the Jefferson County Courthouse, 5.31.2011

The line outside of the Jefferson County Courthouse in downtown Birmingham is quite long this morning, extending deep into Linn Park. It is the last day of the month (and the first since the Jefferson County Commission decided to close satellite offices once again in order to save money), meaning people from throughout the region are making that last ditch effort to pay their tag renewals.

Don’t forget that you can choose to pay your tag renewal fees virtually, though you’ll be paying an online convenience fee of anywhere between $3-30 depending on how you choose to pay – and you won’t necessarily get that tag renewal in time to avoid getting a ticket. There is word though that the county may have extended the deadline for renewing your May tags until June 30, but we’re waiting for confirmation and it’s been confirmed.

Thanks to Jacob Pigott for sharing his photo with us this morning.

Some Snow Day reading options

Thawing Out. acnatta/FlickrIt’s a fairly quiet day in The Magic City and the surrounding metro Birmingham area today due to yesterday’s winter storm. We’re hoping that most folks are resting comfortably at home.

If you can’t get to Rojo or Crestwood Coffee right now by foot (or you’re needing something to get your mind off how much time is left before the BCS championship game), we’d like to suggest a few blogs post for you to take a look at:

Erin Shaw Street recently interviewed her father as part of the current visit by StoryCorps to The Magic City. They’re here until January 29 & their reservations link is still active. She shares her thoughts about the experience on her personal blog; Maybe it’ll get you thinking about reserving a slot.

Shaun Chavis is one of the organizers of FoodBlogSouth, a foodie-centric blogging conference scheduled for next weekend (January 21 & 22). NOTE: I’m scheduled to facilitate a blogging 101 session that Saturday morning. Read her passionate account of why she felt the need to create this event – then go and register for it!

Finally, there aren’t many places that Jen West hasn’t been profiled recently (including this interview with Birmingham Bombshells’ Angela Karen for B-Metro. If you haven’t checked out her blog, The Jen West Quest , you’re missing out on an opportunity to be motivated to accomplish whatever you want. Back in November she was finally able to talk about her upcoming appearance on the Rachael Ray Show and what it meant to her.

These should help warm at least your heart on this fairly cold day in central Alabama. You could also step away from the computer (or add a few links of your own in the comments section below).

Photo: Thawing Out. acnatta/Flickr

Birmingham abuzz about Blueprint

Blueprint Birmingham logo The Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA) was hoping for a great deal of buzz after the official unveiling of their Blueprint Birmingham last Thursday, their five-year strategic plan recently adopted by their board. There has indeed been a great deal of conversation about the plan, including tonight’s live chat hosted by The Birmingham News’ Eddie Lard beginning at 6 p.m. on al.com. There is also limited seating at the actual event this evening at Alabama Power headquarters; it is presented by the Birmingham Association of Black Journalists and the BBA.

There are countless ways to review the plan and to be exposed to the campaign underway to secure general support for the principles mentioned within. The plan’s official website (complete with the full plan and all supplemental documents) is joined by a promotional campaign website that provides links to signs similar to the billboards that say that “we’re open” to moving the region forward and a Facebook page. There’s also an official hashtag for folks talking about the plan on Twitter – #blueprintbham.

Columns by Joey Kennedy and Lard speak of the plan, as do the co-chairs of the committee tasked with creating the plan. Area bloggers have started multi-part series looking at what needs to be fixed or offered analysis of the plan (I’ll finally be adding my two cents to the matter in the coming days on Dear Birmingham). It will not be going away any time soon (in fact, it will be the topic of tonight’s #bhamchat on Twitter, starting at 7 p.m.).

Travelogue: Coverage after the Langford verdict

Larry Langford at the BJCC. Bob Farley/f8PhotoWord of the guilty verdict against former Birmingham mayor Larry Langford has spread through the media in the last 20+ hours. This would include a story filed last night during NPR‘s All Things Consideredthis report turned in by The New York Times‘ Shaila Dewan (it was on page 19 of Section A); this piece filed by HULIQ.com; even The Huffington Post decided to add their voice to the coverage. Bloomberg News chimed in too – along with the folks from WAFF sharing WBRC’s story with visitors to their website.

But wait, there’s more…

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