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Why yes, that is Chris Pollone…

It’s hard not to use a sports cliché when talking about Chris Pollone‘s return to Alabama’s 13 this (Monday) evening. He’ll be doing so as one of the hosts of Alabama Tonight, the NBC affiliate’s new weeknight sports program, for the month of September. Pollone left Birmingham and Alabama’s 13 back in December after 11 years. News of his return was first shared via YouTube earlier this month:

Alabama Tonight is also the name of a blog already being regularly updated on the station’s website. The show plans to be “your source for SEC and High School Sports,” as shared in the bio section of the show’s Twitter account. It’s probably a lot more fun to hear Chris talk about it himself though, so watch that video up there – and then tune in at 6:30 p.m.

He seems excited about it too

Travelogue: Kyle shares photos from her Moveable Type visit

Moveable Type visits Birmingham. acnatta/FlickrDecember 1 brought Kyle Durrie and her successful Kickstarter project,  Moveable Type, to the Magic City. According to the post she recently shared about both of her stops in Alabama, her visit to Birmingham was most likely the first stop she reserved on her current nationwide tour. Durrie owns Power and Light Letterpress and Design in Portland, OR.

Her 1982 Chevy step van is a mobile print shop, including “a sign press from the mid 20th century, and an 1873 Golding Official No. 3 tabletop platen press.” There was a fairly large crowd out at Railroad Park at night after workshops were held at Woodlawn High School, the result of Cory Bordonaro‘s reaching out to Kyle (and her relationship with the Desert Island Supply Co.).

She’s gotten a great deal of coverage during the trip so far – including this post over on Pebbles & Buttons in advance of her visit to Nova Scotia.

You can follow Kyle’s journey by either visiting the project’s website or following its Twitter account. You can also help Kyle in her cross-country effort by making a non tax deductible contribution via PayPal.

Photo: Moveable Type visits Birmingham. acnatta/Flickr

Some Snow Day reading options

Thawing Out. acnatta/FlickrIt’s a fairly quiet day in The Magic City and the surrounding metro Birmingham area today due to yesterday’s winter storm. We’re hoping that most folks are resting comfortably at home.

If you can’t get to Rojo or Crestwood Coffee right now by foot (or you’re needing something to get your mind off how much time is left before the BCS championship game), we’d like to suggest a few blogs post for you to take a look at:

Erin Shaw Street recently interviewed her father as part of the current visit by StoryCorps to The Magic City. They’re here until January 29 & their reservations link is still active. She shares her thoughts about the experience on her personal blog; Maybe it’ll get you thinking about reserving a slot.

Shaun Chavis is one of the organizers of FoodBlogSouth, a foodie-centric blogging conference scheduled for next weekend (January 21 & 22). NOTE: I’m scheduled to facilitate a blogging 101 session that Saturday morning. Read her passionate account of why she felt the need to create this event – then go and register for it!

Finally, there aren’t many places that Jen West hasn’t been profiled recently (including this interview with Birmingham Bombshells’ Angela Karen for B-Metro. If you haven’t checked out her blog, The Jen West Quest , you’re missing out on an opportunity to be motivated to accomplish whatever you want. Back in November she was finally able to talk about her upcoming appearance on the Rachael Ray Show and what it meant to her.

These should help warm at least your heart on this fairly cold day in central Alabama. You could also step away from the computer (or add a few links of your own in the comments section below).

Photo: Thawing Out. acnatta/Flickr

Learn more about the Other Birmingham

screenshot from "The Other Birmingham"A couple of years ago there were a couple of incidents involving folks from Birmingham, AL and the city we’re named after, Birmingham, UKconfusing the skylines of the two cities separated by the Atlantic Ocean.

There’s an online resource that should help keep that from happening again.

The Other Birmingham was created by Fiona Cullinan, who originally created the piece for her travel journalism blog as a one-off. She has since maintained the site, enabling her to accept additional submissions about similarities between the two cities as well as suggestions about what else should be covered. There’s been a lot looked at already, including that growing list of similarities

By the way, there are several cities named Birmingham in the United States. They’re considerably smaller, like Birmingham, MO (population 214 according to the 2000 Census) and Birmingham, MI (pop. 19,291) to not even in existence anymore (e.g., Birmingham, KY).

Meet Pumpkin

Pumpkin. Courtesy of Pumpkin the Dog's BlogPumpkin appears to be a golden retriever/lab mix who’s recently been the lucky recipient of support and caring from across the country.

Birmingham Entrepreneur and Appsolute Genius founder Brian Cauble created a website to help chronicle the journey of this injured puppy that he and his wife discovered last weekend while traveling to the Auburn football game vs. Ole Miss.

Approximately $2,400 has been raised so far to cover medical expenses for Pumpkin, with donations coming as far away as San Fransisco, CA and Milwaukee, WI.

He may even be making occasional visits to Sparkbox Coworking on Southside in the coming weeks as he gets better and begins to look for a new home.

Birmingham prepares for the Second Front

The Second Front logoKyle Whitmire introduced a new political news blog to Birmingham, AL earlier today. The site, called The Second Front , is the first of several blogs that will make up a new site called Weld for Birmingham.

It’s a new venture for Whitmire (an award-winning columnist formerly of Birmingham Weekly ) and his former editor at the Weekly Glenny Brock, who contributed to the site’s first day of stories with a post about last week’s Design Review Committee decision involving Walgreens.

This section of Weld has already collected a lot of fans via Facebook and Whitmire has been tweeting using The Second Front‘s account for a couple of months now.

Wade Kwon was able to catch up with Whitmire by phone to find out more about the new blog and the overall site and shared the answers over on Media of Birmingham while Ike Pigott wrote earlier today about whether or not it is the online newspaper that Birmingham’s been waiting for.

How should we celebrate three years?

As this month’s b-metro column suggests, I’ve been thinking about how to celebrate three years of existence.

Yeah, it seems quite weird to think it’s been three years already, but it will be a week from Sunday…

So after I realized that I wasn’t doing a good job coming up with ideas myself, I thought it would be best to turn to all of you.

How do you think we should celebrate our third anniversary?

Whatever it is will probably not happen on March 14 itself but later on in the month – that’s the hope at least. (BTW – yes, that image you see above is of the front page of The Terminal from April 2007). Things have changed, haven’t they? Share your suggestions in the comments section.

Also, folks signed up for our e-newsletter, the express, (hint, hint) will get a message tomorrow about helping test a new section of the site. Please note that if you do sign up today it is a double opt-in process, so let us know if you don’t receive a confirmation email.