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Learn more about the Other Birmingham

screenshot from "The Other Birmingham"A couple of years ago there were a couple of incidents involving folks from Birmingham, AL and the city we’re named after, Birmingham, UKconfusing the skylines of the two cities separated by the Atlantic Ocean.

There’s an online resource that should help keep that from happening again.

The Other Birmingham was created by Fiona Cullinan, who originally created the piece for her travel journalism blog as a one-off. She has since maintained the site, enabling her to accept additional submissions about similarities between the two cities as well as suggestions about what else should be covered. There’s been a lot looked at already, including that growing list of similarities

By the way, there are several cities named Birmingham in the United States. They’re considerably smaller, like Birmingham, MO (population 214 according to the 2000 Census) and Birmingham, MI (pop. 19,291) to not even in existence anymore (e.g., Birmingham, KY).

The snowfall across the pond

Measuring the Depth. RTPeat/FlickrAs we wait for the pending snow event arrive in Central Alabama, we figured it would be a good idea to take a look across the Atlantic at what residents in the United Kingdom and Ireland are going through.

Our friends at the Birmingham Post have two photo galleries (check out their Iron Man in the second link) and a live blog with updates from around the region. The photo accompanying this piece was taken about earlier today in Arborfield. An American in Ireland decided fill his readers in on the similarities between how prepared Dublin and Birmingham are to handle any accumulation.

All we ask is that you take care of yourselves out there tomorrow.

Photo: Measuring the Depth. RTPeat/Flickr.

The latest Brum photo debacle

Seems like the Tory MEPs and the City Council in Birmingham, England don’t talk to each other that often. The Birmingham Post’s Joanna Geary shared an abbreviated version of the council’s debacle on the newspaper’s news blog earlier today. An image of our skyline was included on a recycling brochure that went out to more than 360,000 households in the English metropolis. Yes, we’re expecting jokes to appear in the comments.

Back in January members of the conservative party in England’s Second City decided to include a photo of the Birmingham skyline on their website… if you don’t remember what happened, check out our post from back then (which includes a screen capture of the image in question). It remained up for several days, or at least a week, based on what we learned for our follow-up post. One of the results was an interesting comparison of the two cities by The Sun.

Follow-up: The Tory MEP “goof” aftermath

A few things have happened since we first posted about the error made by Tories representing Birmingham, England. The story for those not familiar with it is that representatives for England’s Second City launched a new website recently. The site included a skyline image… of Birmingham, AL.

We’ve learned that the site was up with the error for some time, at least since January 3 when this post first pointed out the error. UK bloggers have been enjoying pointing out the error, one that representatives are calling “a simple mistake”. What’s interesting to us is that it didn’t get fixed until about an hour after the British blogosphere exploded with posts about it (we luckily got ours up in that hour, just before the image was taken down).

Screenshot of Birmingham Sun articleThe Birmingham News’ account today covers most of the bases, but an interesting account comes from The Sun. We’ll let you comment on your thoughts…

Travelogue: So which Birmingham do the Tory MEPs really represent?

West Midlands Conservative Party website homepage

Screenshot of Tory MEPs website front page.

We do normally start our day out with John’s A Look Back column, (which will make an appearance around 8 a.m. today) but we figured we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to point out something from “across the pond.”

We can thank Tom Watson for pointing out this error on this regional site for the English conservative party.

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