The latest Brum photo debacle

08.12.2008 by André Natta · → 1 Comment

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Seems like the Tory MEPs and the City Council in Birmingham, England don’t talk to each other that often. The Birmingham Post’s Joanna Geary shared an abbreviated version of the council’s debacle on the newspaper’s news blog earlier today. An image of our skyline was included on a recycling brochure that went out to more than 360,000 households in the English metropolis. Yes, we’re expecting jokes to appear in the comments.

Back in January members of the conservative party in England’s Second City decided to include a photo of the Birmingham skyline on their website… if you don’t remember what happened, check out our post from back then (which includes a screen capture of the image in question). It remained up for several days, or at least a week, based on what we learned for our follow-up post. One of the results was an interesting comparison of the two cities by The Sun.

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